She said yes to the dress!


This is NOT the one!

Surrounded by mirrored walls and racks upon racks of white, cream and ivory-colored gowns with lace, appliques, beads, shimmers and glimmers, bling-bling and what-nots, my youngest daughter, my middle child, said yes to the dress last Friday.

Venturing into the city, we met my daughter at her apartment and with Maid of Honor sister and best friend bridesmaid in tow, we browsed for a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses at a bridal salon.

While we sat in a row of cushy chairs waiting for our dear one to appear in a vision of loveliness, one of us remarked, “This is like the TV show Say Yes to the Dress!”  The experience proved to be almost as surreal for this mother of the bride as being on a television show might be.

On one hand, I was so happy and eager to watch daughter try on bridal gowns as this is her dream come true.   But on the other hand, I could hardly believe this was actually happening.  How did my little girl grow up so quickly?!  How could she be old enough to become someone’s wife?!

I’m fairly certain both my daughters expected tears from me while viewing the betrothed bedecked in wedding garb.  Truly, part of me did want to weep during this bittersweet moment – joyful with a twinge of melancholy – but reflecting back on the moment, I believe I was in denial.  It just didn’t seem real.

But real it was.  And believe it or not, this sentimental ol’ Mama did not cry.  As my beautiful daughter stepped out of the dressing room each time with exquisite gowns that fit her to a T, her sister, friend and I oohed and aahed and gave opinions.

I know my dear daughter well.  I could tell by her body language whether she liked the gown she modeled or not.  Her face smiled, but her body said no, this isn’t the one.  Even when the sales attendants told her how lovely she looked, or sister or friend would exclaim “So pretty,” I could discern each dress was not her cup of tea.

My middle child is a no nonsense person who admires simplicity for the most part.  She’s kind of a no frills girl, so when she told me several weeks ago that she thought she wanted a lacy gown, I was mildly surprised that she desired something fancy.  But then I realized that this child, now grown woman, has always loved things of old.

As a little girl, she loved visiting antique shops or colonial style homes or museums.  I very distinctly remember her announcing “I wish I could live here” in a 1700’s era home we were touring.  So a vintage look is right up her alley and wedding gowns of lace have a distinct vintage feel.

The first delicate, gossamer-like wedding gown which floated down over her head to settle onto her body, made her beam.   I could tell by the way she looked that this dress was definitely in the running.  She tried on several more after that, but came back to dress number one.   When the bridal consultant added a veil to the ensemble, daughter revealed, “This veil is exactly what I pictured!”

Sometimes, she can be a tad indecisive (a trait she no doubt inherited from her mother), so she surprised us all when the sales girl asked daughter, “Is this the one?”  and she said a decisive, resounding yes! We clapped, we smiled, she glowed.

After we got the ordering accomplished, oldest daughter and best friend began trying on several bridesmaid dresses.  They weighed in on their favorite but the opinion of the two other bridesmaid friends will be consulted before the final selection is chosen.

My daughter’s dream wedding gown is ordered; we left the bridal shop with her chosen veil and accessories.  Along with the church and reception site reservations, we accomplished another important aspect of wedding planning.

I feel happy and excited yet a bit numb.  I keep placating myself that I have an entire year to get used to the idea that my joyful, little rambunctious bundle of energy, who is now a grown-up beautiful, compassionate and gracious young woman of 25, will promise herself to a young man who vows he will love and cherish her for life.

It is Page 17 in Chapter 5 of my book of Opportunity and I’ve decided that in the coming year, I will cherish each moment I’m given to spend with my middle daughter who really is preparing to leave Mama’s Empty Nest to begin a new life of her own with her beloved one.

It’s okay.  I’m not going to cry…..yet.



8 responses

  1. Thank you for sharing your special moments with all of us readers. How wonderful to be able to cherish these times with your sweet middle daughter. I am certain that her wedding will be perfect! Lord bless you in the rest of the planning…
    looking forward to reading more updates in the future! 🙂


    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying all my ramblings, my dear friend. Your sweet comments always mean so much to me! Thanks for the blessings for daughter’s wedding. Someday, you’ll be doing the wedding planning too. 🙂


  2. My daughter is not even a year old and a part of me already dreads this day. Watching her grow up is one of the hardest but most wonderful things God has blessed me with. I do pray that she will someday find an amazing, Godly man who treats her with the utmost respect she deserves and I know when the day comes, I will be holding back tears as well. I wish I had thought of my own mom more when I got married, the wedding was for her solely in the first place, I would have been happy to get eloped but I know it would have broke her heart. As it was, I bought my dress for a very cheap price of $300 online and we never got to have a special day like this. I pray God gives you strength and prepares you for the big day!! I wish we could have seen the dress, now ever since I’ve been married I LOVE watching wedding shows, how ironic is that?


    • What a wise mama you already are to realize the blessing God has given you in your little girl. Watching her grow up will bring you the greatest of joy and yet a bit of sorrow too. Starting to pray now that she will marry a godly husband is also wise. The Lord will honor your prayers. I’m sure your Mom cherishes many memories of you, so don’t worry about not having had that special “dress shopping day.” And who DOESN’T love watching those wedding shows??? I do too!!!


    • Reeling, it’s a good thing we don’t live near each other, we’d end up weeping on each other’s shoulders a lot! It IS exciting and wonderful. I’m just afraid my tear dam will finally burst at her wedding! So I’m going to make a concerted effort to do what I did when my youngest graduated from high school — cry ALL day so by the time the ceremony came around, I was dried up! Think it will work? 😉


  3. Thank you for sharing such a personal and thrilling experience with us out there. These are wonderfully, special times. Enjoy every minute. It’s great you are recording it as it happens for you and the rest of the family.
    PS We knew which one was the one, when my 80 something mother declared “Now that’s a wedding dress!” My daughter, the bride agreed.


    • Aw, you’re welcome, but it just amazes me that my faithful readers even WANT to read what I write, so thank YOU (and all of you who read but don’t comment) for keeping me busy writing. I love the comment your mother gave when your daughter chose her wedding gown. I can just imagine that is exactly what my own mom would say if she were still here with us to enjoy this time.


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