Blessings like feathers

blogDSCN9405Blessings like feathers have been flying all over the place here at Mama’s Empty Nest.

There’s been a flurry of activity  and frankly, Mama’s been too busy to fire up the computer and write in the blog for a few days.

It’s Sunday evening and I have to admit, I’m dragging a bit from all the hustle and bustle of the weekend; and the weather has turned stormy and dreary;  but I’m nesting quite comfortably here in my home sweet home, counting my blessings.

“Home is where friendships are formed and families are grown; where joy is shared and true love is known; where memories are made and seeds of life are sown.  This is the place that people call home.” ~ Author Unknown

We jam-packed a lot of doings into this past weekend here at home.  With all the ins and outs, the arrivals and departures, the comings and goings, Papa should have installed a revolving door at our house.   This Mama was just content to enjoy the company of all three of her fledgling birdies plus one.

Oldest daughter flew in from her southern home for the weekend first.  Reinforcing my disdain for traveling by air, her flight Thursday evening was a nightmare. (If you missed my previous blogging diatribes about flying, you can read part 1 here: no-flight-plan-part-1 and part 2 here: no-flight-plan-part-2.)

Daughter’s flight was scheduled to arrive at our city airport at midnight.   Enter first disruption.  A rash of thunderstorms complete with wild winds and lightning caused all flights arriving at our airport to be delayed.

Enter second disruption.  After several exchanges of text messages, daughter then informed us that her flight was delayed yet again because of a problem with the plane.   This manifested into engine trouble – third and major disruption –  and that prompted Mama to start some heavy-duty praying for daughter’s safety.

That plane was grounded and daughter had to wait for another plane to arrive.   Once we got over lots of frustration for her, worry for Mama and a short cat-nap for dear old Dad, who was driving to the airport in the middle of the night to pick daughter up, we departed home at o’dark thirty in the morning to collect her.

Her flight finally arrived at 2:30 a.m. and we all crawled into bed at home at 4 a.m.  So let me just reiterate, I am NOT a big fan of flying, but I AM counting it a blessing that daughter arrived safely and soundly for a long weekend here.

Morning came early and we jaunted off on our next big adventure – wedding dress shopping in the city with newly engaged middle daughter.  That blessing I’ll write about tomorrow.

Right before we left our country home, son called from the state next door to say he was traveling (driving!)  home for the weekend as well (another blessing!) and that evening, oldest daughter’s boyfriend also arrived for a first time meeting with us.  We were blessed to get the opportunity to meet this fine young man.

So Mama’s Empty Nest certainly wasn’t empty this weekend, and in my Opportunity book today, this 15th page in Chapter 5, even though the nest is emptying out once again, I find myself blessed beyond measure.

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” ~Psalm 91:4



7 responses

  1. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading today’s article very much. Spending time with my family is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so we have more in common. Thanks again for sharing your article.


  2. As an empty nester myself, I thoroughly identified with this post! Isn’t it wonderful when the little birdies and their birdies, too, return to the nest, even if only for a little while! Wonderful post.


  3. Isn’t it precious when for an instant of time these blessings fall upon us. So glad Son could make it! Super wonderful.
    Now, can I interest you in a vitamin? And some strong tea? 🙂


    • You know I already had the strong tea! Maybe I better invest in some vitamins. And I was surprised with another blessing too — seems a dear friend of mine had ‘secret’ plans to bless me in a major way! 😉 You better stay tuned to my blog and your snail mailbox to see what I had to say about that. ♥


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