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I’ve been a little AWOLYK (absent without letting you know) in both the blogging world and also in social media.

Some of you may wonder what’s been occupying my time because I haven’t written much at all lately or even showcased many of my photos. My Facebook page looks pretty vacant except for items posted by my daughters when they tag me and I finally made the decision to stop using Twitter. For me, it’s a waste of time.

I guess I’ve chosen to unplug myself for awhile. So what have I been doing? Papa and I did take a little trip to visit family for a few days, enjoying the time off to spend with loved ones and just relaxing.

But lately, I’ve been lacking in the inspiration to write department. Frankly, I haven’t felt inspired to do much of anything very productive. Call it the dog days of August, but I’ve been feeling this way since the beginning of July. And it continues.  Perhaps it’s just the summer doldrums….or not.

Whatever the case, I’m taking a hiatus.  I began blogging pretty regularly here at Mama’s Empty Nest over six years ago and before that, I wrote sporadically on another blog site. So that equates to about seven years of writing from my heart and soul.

My inspiration to create this blog evolved from finding myself somewhat at wit’s end while dealing with the empty nest syndrome when my last child completed his college education and set off for new horizons launching his career far from home.

Add the fact that my last living parent had passed away by then and I turned to what I always do best when I’m overcome by thoughts, emotions, and perplexing situations – pour out my heart in words.

But that was six years ago. I came to terms with my empty nest and a lot of other life changes and those words I tapped out on my computer screen to share with you helped me do so. My hope is that in some way, my words encouraged others as well.

So where will my words take me from here? I know there are more words to come…they’re just not coming to me right now. Because of that, I’ve decided to take a sojourn – a period of time when you stay temporarily in one place – and embark on a break from blogging.

I don’t know how long I’ll be off the grid, but I want to inform my loyal readers why I’ll be silent for awhile. My sojourn could last a week or two but it may also be a bit longer; I’m just not sure yet. If I follow your blog, I will still read your posts so I don’t get too far behind.

But I am certain I need to do exactly as my photo above says – regroup, refocus, and recharge. And remember why I began this blogging journey while considering where I venture from here.

In the words of The Terminator though, “I’ll be back.”

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.” ~ Doe Zantamata



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  1. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with blog reading lately. I’m taking a break from devotional writing for the same reason, need some free-brain time! I never got a handle on Twitter, not my thing, I guess. Hope to see you around Facebook and the blog if you get the chance. Enjoy!


  2. I’ll miss your posts, but understand exactly how you feel. I’ve been absent from blogging for a long time now and find it hard to generate the enthusiasm to write even a post every three months. Take care of yourself and your precious granddaughter – enjoy every moment you can with her (because ‘the days are long but the years are short’.) I’ll look forward to your (eventual) return.


  3. Thanks for putting it into words. I might write something like this in my head or other pieces but they don’t make it to print. And I don’t feel that what I might say has any relevance. You always found a way to bring it home and to make it real! Hope your break is rejuvenating for you and that we see you again in the future when you’re ready! You will be missed.

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    • Michele, I am so glad our paths crossed here in the blogging world. Thank you for your thoughtful and kind words and being such a loyal reader of my blog. I feel exactly like you do and am questioning the relevance of my blog posts lately. I think it’s just a bump in the road because writing is a vital part of me. But I did take a really LONG break from it once. I don’t think that will happen now but I need to just wait and see. 🙂


  4. What you are doing is perfectly understandable. We’ve all had life changing happenings and therefore we’ve made changes in our lives that we don’t completely understand. We’ll patiently watch for more of your blog in the future.


  5. You will be missed, friend. Hope your break is a good, productive one, but please don’t make it a permanent one? Glad I have another way to follow you, too. I realized a few years ago that my writing is largely just a journal of sorts, but I have loved getting to know a few other bloggers along the way just as much. You are definitely one of those special people. Enjoy these fleeting days of summer! 😀


    • DK, I am SO ready for summer to be over. Those lovely days when the temperature was so pleasant have vacated the premises and it’s been hot and terribly humid here lately – the kind of weather I detest. I’m hoping the cooling balm of fall brings my frazzled mind back to writing for joy again. In any case, I am thankful for our friendship and we will keep in touch through other means. You are special too!


    • Sweet friend, I’ll stay in touch with you for sure. I’m hoping by taking a break, I’ll not feel so rushed to think of ideas to write about and inspiration will come back. When writing becomes a chore for me instead of a joy, it’s time to step back for a bit. Thank you for your always kind words, Dianna, and for being such a lovely friend.

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      • I know what you mean. Had that deer not been standing 3 feet from our bedroom window Sunday evening, I would have had nothing for Monday. I told my husband that sometimes it feels like homework. And when it gets to be a chore, it’s time to step back. I hope you’ll be inspired to return soon! Or maybe sporadically, as ideas come to you.


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