Dancing in the mine fields

blogourweddingThirty-six years ago today the young man pictured in this photo was just that – young.  All he had behind him was 22 years.  All he had with him was a college degree.  And all he had before him was a stint in the US Army as an officer.  Yet he reached out in faith.

And when he did so, he took the hand of the young woman in this same photo.  All she had behind her was 23 years.  All she had with her was a college degree and a teaching job she was ready to leave behind.  And all she had before her was an unwritten chapter.

The two became one as they said their vows to love and cherish one another until death.  They proclaimed their devotion for God and each other in a country church before a gathering of family and friends on an autumn day.

They packed up their few belongings in a U-haul trailer and set off for the future and a way of life neither of them had known before.  And they went dancing in the mine fields.

The mine fields were many.  Army life.  Separation from their families.  Even separation from each other while he served his country on the other side of the world.  Career changes and cross-country moves.  Cancer.

Life experiences rocked their world from high points of joy when they welcomed three children into their lives to low points of disappointments and sorrow enduring the loss of both sets of parents and jobs. 

Yet through it all, this man and this woman held onto two things:  their faith in God and each other.  And while the mine fields never stop, their love for one another abides and keeps them dancing together step by step.

Happy 36th Anniversary to my loving and devoted husband.  I wouldn’t have ever wanted to dance in the mine fields with anyone else.  That’s what the promise is for.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your wonderful hubby, your marriage and especially your faith. We have never been promised rose gardens and fun times when we strive to follow Christ, but we can always trust His promise that He will never leave us or forsake us. He has truly blessed you two in your 36 years together. May you have another 36 healthy, happy years ahead. Happy Anniversary !!!!!


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