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  1. These wonderful pictures reminded me of our two years spent living in the Philadelphia area. We lived in the suburb of West Chester on Goshen Road, and an Amish family would bring their milk to our little neighborhood store to sell. We saw those buggies all the time. Plus, we’d drive out to Lancaster quite a bit. One of my favorite movies is with Harrison Ford when he played a detective and was hiding out in the Amish country. It was called Witness. Did you ever see it?


    • I did see that movie. Everyone thinks of Lancaster when they think of Amish but there are many communities elsewhere (like near me) and in other states too. Lancaster is a nice place but a bit touristy. So you lived over on the other side of my home state? Small world, huh?


  2. Nice photos. You did do well. How respectful of you to not take personal images. And, how interesting that you have such scenes on your back roads. Something very Texan is to catch the trail riders on horseback making their way to the Houston rodeo in February. How excited my father-in-law was when they rode right past the farm on their two lane road. It makes me smile to remember that.


    • Oh, Georgette, what a fun memory of your father-in-law getting excited to see the trail riders. Occasionally, I’ll see a couple of people on horseback here too but nothing like your father-in-law saw. Your comment reminded me of horseback trail rides I took in college during one fall semester. It really was fun! Now, about my photos. Let me clarify that I don’t see those scenes everyday on the back roads around my house. Hubby and I were on a Sunday drive and I shot the pics in a community about 45 minutes away from us. Still in the neck of the woods, just not my neck of the woods.


  3. I love to look at their horses too. I tried to be respectful and not take pictures of the actual people inside the buggies because they do not want their photos taken. So I ended up taking these shots from the inside of our car through the windshield. I’m actually surprised they turned out as well as they did.


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