Angry Birds acrobatics?

blogIMG_0316 (2)It looked like a scene right out of Angry Birds.

Birds plummeted through the sky like they were being shot out of a slingshot or a rocket.

Last evening after dinner, hubby went outside to finish mowing our two-plus acre yard.  I plunked down on the front porch swing, enjoying the cool evening air and engrossed in a book.

I didn’t pay much attention to hubby’s mowing job, but the steady roar of our trusty John Deere lawn tractor sounded in my ears, as well as a car or truck passing by.  An occasional car horn toot to sound hello greetings from a friend driving past caused me to raise my head from my book and wave.

Suddenly the droning stopped and I heard my husband yell for me.  I stood up, turned around because he was in the side yard behind me, wondering what was wrong.  He was just sitting on the tractor with a goofy grin on his face and I couldn’t figure out why he wanted my attention.  And then I saw them.  Birds!

The birds were going crazy!  A flock of birds were swooping, dive-bombing and coming awfully close to my husband’s head!  They circled around him; they flew straight up into the air and then made a beeline for the ground.  They quickly darted through the air, floating and turning, soaring and swerving.

Hubby laughed, “Look at the bird acrobatic show!”  I watched as they catapulted through the air, lunging and plunging, flying and diving each time.  I felt certain they were attacking him because they flew extremely close to him.

“What’s going on?” I asked.  “Why are they angry at you?  Is there a nest nearby or what?”

“No,” he replied.  “This happens every time I mow.  I think I’m stirring up all the bugs in the ground and the birds are flocking in to eat them.”

A feeding frenzy.  Not angry birds, hungry birds foraging for a tasty treat, thanks to the human on the noisy mower.

Hubby shrugged, started up the tractor, and proceeded with his lawn manicure job.  And the birds kept up their acrobatic performance.  I imagine there were some satisfied songbirds with full tummies.

I sat back down on the porch swing, picked up my book, listened to the tractor’s constant hum, inhaled the scent of freshly cut grass, and a big satisfied sigh escaped from me.  Ah, life in the country…. no annoying noise, no loud neighbors, no steady stream of traffic, no distractions, no addicting games like Angry Birds.

Just a simple evening enjoying the simple things in life, including a few hungry birds.  In my Opportunity book, Chapter 8, Page 26, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



6 responses

  1. Like the sunny look! You know – I never understood that game. The kids showed it to me, but it made no sense. They died anyway. ???? What’s up with that??? I agree, your swing sounds a thousand times better.


    • Thanks, my friend, it was time for a change from the spring-time look I had. Thought the sunflowers will do until my favorite fall season is upon us. (Can’t wait!) I know, that game seems silly to me too, but I hear it is very addicting! I won’t even try it. I love my porch swing and a book way better than any old computer game any day!


  2. So glad your husband came up grinning and wasn’t a target. I guess mowing the grass would really stir those bugs up and get them scrambling. All that movement would definitely attract those birds eyes. My husband uses the John Deere to mow around the house at the farm. Right now we have mudlarks by the back door and we literally have to run inside to avoid the mama whose afraid we’re around to bother her babies. We’re waiting for an opportunity to power wash.


    • Me too, Georgette! I couldn’t figure out why he was grinning at first. Those amazing creatures do find the oddest places sometimes for their nests. A couple years ago, a bird laid eggs on the side of our driveway! That was interesting. I don’t know birds very well other than the usual – robins, cardinals, blue jays, crows – so I don’t know what kind of bird it was. I think I’ll go see if I can look it up. 🙂


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