No walk in the park

blogDSCN8026The verdict is in and it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  I’ve got a messy back, hip, and neck.

By messy, I mean those parts of my anatomy are all messed up.  Even I, an untrained non-healthcare person, could see that from my x-rays.    Add some arthritis to the squished up and skewed joints, it’s no wonder my body screamed every time I went up and down my stairs.

I suspect a cervical strain from a car accident I had over 20 years ago contributed significantly to my neck issues.  I’ve suffered with neck pain and stiffness for a long while, and I’m pretty confident many of my headaches stem from that as well.   And then there was that belly-flopping fall I took this past summer in my family room.  That didn’t help my back or hip one bit.

I’ve had back problems before and visits to chiropractors fixed them right up.    But that was several years ago when we lived in other states.  I’d never visited a chiropractic doctor here in my hometown.   So after some deliberation, I made an appointment.  After an exam, medical history,  and x-rays, the first visit involved some spine-tingling –an electric stimulation machine which I kept telling the assistant to crank up higher because I couldn’t feel  it!   Once I began sensing those pulsating vibrations, it actually felt pleasant.

Then came some stretching and pumping, which felt amazing and relieved that heavy-handed pressure on my lower back and hip.  Some slight adjustments to start with and I experienced some relief immediately.  With each treatment, the doc adjusts my neck and lower back a little more and I have to admit, it’s painful.  I can’t quite understand how something can hurt so much yet at the same time feel so good, but that’s how I have to describe it.  I’m already seeing improvement, but there will be more treatments to come and some therapy as well on my road to recovery.

How did I know I’d chosen the right health care provider?  His caring attitude won me over.  As did the fact that his father-in-law happens to be my optometrist (and I have a wonderful story about him to share sometime).  And then through our conversation, I found out my new chiropractor’s father and brother live in the Pacific Northwest; his dad actually resides in our former suburb.   So there were connections.   I like connections.   They make me feel….well,… connected.  And the shape of my back, hip, and neck are definitely connected to my well-being.

Oh yeah, there was one more thing.  As I sat in the waiting room for my first appointment, I glanced occasionally at the flat-screen TV to read the messages about chiropractic care shown there.  I just happened to look up when this flashed across the screen…an animated picture of the Jackson 5  belting out “I Want You Back.”    I did a double-take since I had just written about that song in my back-lamenting blog post the day before!

Today in my book called Opportunity, Chapter 10, Page 15, I’m taking that as a sign.  I’m in the right place.  I’m already moving well enough to take a little stroll in my hometown park.  And maybe, just maybe, my chiropractor will get this body into shape to move and groove  just like Michael Jackson did.   What do you think?  Think I’ll be dancing like this any time soon??  Okay, even I have to admit that would be a miracle, but a girl can dream, can’t she?