My back-to-school essay

blogDSCN0263What did you do on your summer vacation?

I didn’t have one. 

One sentence.  That’s what would be written on my ruled notebook paper if my assignment was to write a back-to-school essay about my summer vacation.

It’s back to school week in my neck of the woods.  Big yellow buses lumber past my house and one noisily downshifts to a stop nearby for some elementary students. 

Everywhere you look, back-to-school supplies monopolize the ads, TV commercials, and stores.  I can honestly say back-to-school shopping is something my checkbook doesn’t miss here in the empty nest, even though I am an aficionado of school supplies and would readily open the checkbook up for some nifty office products.

Yes, it’s back to school season.  Recently, I was near a college campus and as I walked down the street, the familiar cadence of drums echoed through the air followed by that unmistakeable  sound of band music.  It’s time to practice for football season. 

Yes, there’s a change in the air.

You can hear it.  You can feel it.  You can even smell it.  Autumn is on its way.  Hooray!

So what DID I do with my summer?  It just seemed to pass by…one day after another…in a hazy, dazed kind of way.  Summer plans to accomplish a list of to-dos flew right out the opened screened window.

American author Sam Keen wrote, “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”   If that’s the case, I have been the poster child for respectability.

No accomplished plans.  No summer vacation.  Just a bunch of languid, dull days strung together like well-worn, shabby towels sagging on the clothes line.  That’s what this summer seemed like to me.

Mulling this over while I so anxiously wait to usher in my favorite season with a warm welcome, I had to ask myself, “Was there anything note-worthy about this summer?”

What could I write about in my first day back to school essay?

I turned, as I often do, to photographs for inspiration.  And I found there were several days that proved worthy of commemorating and depositing into the summer memory bank before I kick this sluggish summer season to the back corner so flashy fall can captivate me.

So my back-to-school essay is a photo collage with each photo representing an event or happening that made me grateful, even if it was summer and I didn’t get a vacation.


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