Words for Wednesday: Approaching Christmas

FBIMG_0313I. Just. Can’t.

Somewhere between writing 30 thankful posts in November, hosting  Thanksgiving dinner for 15 members of my family, and falling captive to a nasty cold afterwards, I’ve just lost all motivation for not only writing posts for this blog but for preparing for Christmas as well.

Thank goodness for Papa. The other day when we had a warmish day of temperatures, he hauled out the twinkly lights and bedecked our home on the outside. It looks great as he always does a wonderful job of hanging the lights.  But this year, not once did I step outside to give him a helping hand as I was socked in on the couch blowing my nose endlessly.

Middle daughter rummaged through her belongings stashed in our basement and located her Christmas décor and she and Little One decorated the inside of the house. Last night, Papa set up our artificial Christmas evergreen and Daughter and Little One hung their own ornaments on it as I watched.

So most of my Christmas decorations are lying dormant in their plastic storage crates. Christmas cards, which are usually sent their merry way by now,  sit on the dining room table still unaddressed and I haven’t even begun to think about our annual holiday letter I tuck into the cards.

I’m just not feeling it.

My Christmas spirit is waning…no, let’s be honest, it’s non-existent. I can blame it on feeling under the weather. I can blame it on being worn out from helping daughter do some renovating to her new home she hopes to move into soon (we’re talking massive wallpaper stripping, repairing walls, sanding, washing down the walls, and finally painting).

Or I could blame my lack of Christmas spirit on the fact that most of my family will not be here for the holiday this year, so we had a bit of Christmas gift exchanges at Thanksgiving time.  So it almost feels like Christmas is over for me.

Whatever the cause, I feel a bit like I’m possibly turning green, Grinch-like. Or maybe I’m feeling prone to saying bah-humbug to the holidays like old man Scrooge.

But truly, that’s not what’s in my heart. I love Christmas. I love the sights, the smells, the lights, the tree, the special ornaments, the greetings that come in the mail. But most of all, I love that we celebrate the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Maybe I just need to slow down. Take some time to reflect on that. To read the first few chapters of Luke in my guidebook for life, my Bible, and remind myself of that very first Christmas so long ago.

Maybe this year, Christmas just needs to be simple. Simply rejoicing in the gift God gave the world. And filling my heart with that joy.

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” ~ Roy L. Smith

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What if we celebrate Christmas differently this year?

blogDSCN8270The Christmas season draws nigh.  Having just spent some time celebrating Thanksgiving in an entirely different way than usual, I’ve been reflecting on how to spend Christmas this year.

The following video I discovered accidentally (or maybe on God’s purpose) speaks to me today.  My wish is that it may give you pause for reflection on how you spend your Christmas season as well.

Please remember to be in prayer for all those who may not have abundance or even enough this Christmas season and give what you can to the bell ringers of the Salvation Army, to the Red Cross, to World Vision, to whatever organization you know that truly helps those in need.

You will be blessed.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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Someone needs to focus!

blogDSCN7264It’s the first Friday in December.  (Oops, need to change the calendar from November to December.)

No work or school presentations to give today.  (Good! Maybe now I can start “Operation  Christmas.”)

Need to eat breakfast.  (Better just throw a load of laundry in first then gulp down some cereal and a hot cup of tea.)

Kitty is ringing her jingle bell and wants in from the garage.  (Let in kitty.)

Get in the mood for decorating.  Sit down in front of TV to turn on Christmas music channel.  (Cat meows and jumps into lap.  Purr, purr, rub, rub.  Kitty needs some loving.)

Spend time with kitty.  (Poor baby, I’ve been ignoring you the last few days.  Kitty needs a treat!  Go to pantry for kitty treats and make her do her tricks for them.)

Time to start decorating!  (Wait, that load of laundry needs thrown in the dryer now.)

Better go upstairs and see what other loads of laundry await me.  (Side trip to son’s old bedroom brings more laundry.  Man, that guy has too many clothes if he left all these dirty ones behind because he didn’t need them.)

Kitty wants to go out again.  (On the way, throw another load of laundry in the washer.)

Now go to garage to bring in some Christmas decoration boxes!  (But first take teacup to dishwasher. Oh, it’s full and needs run now.)

Time to decorate!  (Just remembered, middle sister called and left me a message yesterday, better call her back.)

Telephone call’s over, now go to garage and get those boxes!  (Oh darn! There’s those Christmas cards I started addressing the other evening and didn’t finish, spread out all over the coffee table.)

Start picking up Christmas card mess of cards, envelopes, red and green pens, address labels.  (You know, I haven’t even written our annual Christmas missive yet!)

Walk over to the computer and turn the time-stealing thing on.  (Well, now that I turned the computer on, I should really just check my email.)

Dryer beeps, clothes are dry. (Go to laundry room and fold clothes.  Return to computer.)

Read email from my dear oldest retired sister who’s living it up in Arizona. (Hmm, sis and brother-in-law are stuck in their RV with very cold weather.  Guess she’s not quite living it up in balmy temperatures after all!)

Compose and send email back to sis.  (Don’t want her to think I’m not thinking of her, after all because I really do miss her!)

Close out email.  (I probably should check my other email account.  Good news there from my new friend.  Her daughter is recovering from a very bad car accident.  Praise God!  Say another prayer for her.  Maybe I should write back to my friend, no better save that for later.)

Kitty rings her jingle bell which means she wants back inside.  (Open door and let kitty in.)

Go back to computer and click out of email account.  (Well, while I’m on the internet I may as well check Facebook.   Wow, more good news there.  Just one more thing to check and then I’ll start that Christmas letter.)

Open my blog.  (Oh look, my dear friend left me some comments.  Have to answer her!)

Stomach growls.  (Probably should grab a bite of lunch before I start!)

Now, time to write that letter!  (Start composing the annual news.  Wait, do I even have Christmas copy paper?  Look in printer desk for paper.  Oh, good.  Found some!  But also found copies of my old Christmas letters all the way back to 1999.)

Sit down and read old letters.  (What lovely memories.  So many blessings over all those years since we moved back to the homeland and when our children were still living at home.  Sigh….)

Finish THIS YEAR’S Christmas letter!!  Start printing.  (Well, if I’m going to print the letters, I need to finish the Christmas card chore too.)

Gather up Christmas cards, etc. from coffee table and move it all to the kitchen table.  (Wow!  There are a few snowflakes flying around out there.)

Look out window. (The ground is still white.  I do like it when the landscape is blanketed in white.  So pretty!)

Kitty wants out again! (Oh for goodness sake!  Let cat out.)

Finish those Christmas cards!  (Address a few more envelopes. Shoot, I’m running out of cards and letters.  Start searching for some leftover cards from Christmases past.)

Go back to the computer to print more letters.  Hear jingle bell again!  (That darn cat.  She wants in again.  Make up your mind, kitty!  You’re driving me nuts!)

Print more letters.  (You know, I haven’t even written an entry for my blog yet today.  Maybe I should do that, and then after it’s done I can concentrate on finishing those cards.)

Write blog entry.  Glance at clock.  (Good grief, it’s almost 4 p.m.  What have I accomplished? Hmmm…not one Christmas decoration dressing up the house yet!)

Look out window again.  (The snow’s really coming down now!  Sing “Here Comes Suzy Snowflake.”)

Okay, friends, that’s it.  I need to focus!  I’m finishing those cards if I have to tie myself to the kitchen table to do so.  (But first I have to get that other load of laundry out of the dryer.)

When hubby comes home this evening from his stressful day at work, I’d like to tell him at least one Christmas task is accomplished.  Wish me luck and no distractions!

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