A treasured island


View of the Grand Hotel lawn

In a 2005 mystery novel, The Lighthouse, penned by P.D. James, the author writes, “Every island to a child is a treasure island.”

I can honestly say an island is not just a treasure for children but adults as well. At least for this adult.

As far as islands go, I’m not a seasoned authority. My list of visited islands is fairly brief: those across Puget Sound from Seattle, Washington years ago; Maryland’s Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay back in June; and Michigan’s Mackinac Island in Lake Huron just last month.

Out of the short list, Mackinac Island ranks the number one spot for the place that enchanted me most. For me, it just might have been my treasure island (although I haven’t made it to Hawaii or any other tropical island yet!).

From the first glimpse of the island while still aboard the ferry to the last sight of it as we departed, my eyes and my camera lens soaked up the atmosphere of Mackinac Island.

It was like stepping back in time and into another world – one less hectic and hassled. And I find I’m not yet ready to leave it behind.

So indulge me, please, as I give you a photographic tour of this gem of an island. If you’ve never visited there, put it on your bucket list. I think you’ll enjoy a trip to ‘another world.’

 “… everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world.” ~ Guy Gavriel Kay, Tigana


Quiet places to relax on a crisp fall day


Just a side view of part of the Grand Hotel


Looking out into Lake Huron from Mackinac Island


Another view from Arch Rock


No motorized vehicles anywhere!


But plenty of horses, wagons, and carriages


And bicycles. This just happens to be The Grand Hotel Parking Lot!


Just one of the lovely churches – The Little Stone Church


Quiet and peaceful streets


Hitch your horse or your bicycle


America’s first grocery store


A view to the lake


The only way to travel on the island: horse, bicycle, or on foot


You can’t go home without entering one of the fudge shops (and buying).


View from the lakefront

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