When the end is really not the end

All good things must come to an end. But who says so?

That often used proverb usually means nothing lasts forever. In other words, enjoy the here and now. Find your happiness today because it may not exist tomorrow. What makes you happy now is only temporary. Perhaps that is so, if you listen to all the doom sayers.

Just as my Tuesday Tour series on lighthouses Papa and I have visited came to a conclusion last week, it’s not a closure with finality. I’m hopeful my posts provided a nice distraction from all that’s taken place in our world in the last several months. I know ‘revisiting’ all of those beautiful spots provided a source of happiness for me.

Hopefully, Papa and I will once more hit the road on our empty nest travels and when we do, we will enjoy good things like lighthouses again. In the meantime, we still continue our day trips here and there within driving range of our country home.

This past fall as we drove northward to catch sight of some fall foliage, we found a spot, just by happenstance, we’ve never seen before or even heard of – Peace Park on Lighthouse Island, a privately owned 20+ acre island located along the Allegheny River in Tionesta, Pennsylvania.

My mind couldn’t believe what my eyes beheld as I spied this little hidden gem while we were driving along. A lighthouse! An inland lighthouse, which isn’t a navigational aid to water vessels, located approximately 60 miles away from the only real shoreline Pennsylvania has along Lake Erie? Come again?

Of course, we had to find our way there so I could stop to snap a photo. And when we located the Sherman Memorial Lighthouse, an illuminated 55-foot tall lighthouse 16 feet in diameter, we also were pleasantly surprised to find it situated on a lovely park named Peace Park.

Sherman Memorial Lighthouse was erected as a family memorial by a local Tionesta resident, Jack Sherman. The tower was completed in 2004 and 76 stairs inside it join seven floors. On each floor, Mr. Sherman displays items pertaining to his family’s heritage and his collection of lighthouse art and miniatures.

Even though the park is privately owned, it is open to the public but to tour the lighthouse’s interior, you must either arrange for a private group tour appointment (donation asked) or visit when it is open to the public a few times a year during the local Lions Club fundraisers.

When we visited the lighthouse was closed, but we could still stroll the park grounds which has a one-mile walking trail.  Other attractions located in the park are a Freedom Cross, representative of the Cross of Lorraine, a two-barred cross with a vertical line crossed by two shorter horizontal bars; a Statue of Liberty replica; a Veteran’s Memorial honoring those who served our country in all branches of the armed forces; and a small chapel, which is provided for visitors to spend time in prayer and reflection.

As we entered Peace Park, naturally my eyes were on the lighthouse, but after arriving, we noticed a blue welcome sign. A dove with an olive branch, Prince of Peace and Angel of Love statues, and two angels of hope and joy are featured on the sign. Perfect thoughts for entering not only the park but this Christmas season as well.

As we departed, the other side of the sign proclaimed let there be peace on earth.

We all wish for peace on earth, don’t we? Especially when this holiday arrives. But on a night over 2000 years ago, peace DID come to earth. His name is Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

“No God, no peace; know God, know peace.” ~ Croft M. Pentz

And by knowing Him, really KNOWING Him, not just knowing of Him in your mind, but knowing Him in your heart, you can call Him your Savior, your Friend, your Peace on Earth.

That more people would come to truly know Jesus – that’s my peace on earth Christmas wish this year.

“Christ alone can bring lasting peace – peace with God – peace among men and nations – and peace within our hearts.” ~ Billy Graham

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