In ‘Crazy Love’ with Michael Bublé

blogDSCN7715There were about 10,000 examples of “crazy love” in the arena because that’s how many Michael Bublé fans attended his concert last night and I was one of them!

And it was obvious by the thundering applause he garnered that we were all crazy in love with this crooner.

A good family friend blessed hubby and me yesterday with free (yes, you read that correctly!) tickets to singer Michael Bublé’s Crazy Love Tour concert.  (Thank you so very much, KC!)

That gift passed on to us was such a lovely blessing because when hubby heard that Bublé was coming to a city near us, he thought about purchasing concert tickets for my birthday.  However, in our current economic state, we both decided to nix it because tickets were so spendy.

So naturally, we jumped at the chance to go listen to this amazing young man.  When I sent Facebook messages to all three of our adult children to let them know about our windfall, I knew they would be jealous because they all enjoy Bublé’s music as well.   Sure enough, these were the responses I received:

  • Oldest Daughter:  WHAT?!?!?!?!??!?!! Are you kidding?????? Who’s giving them to you??? I LOVE HIM AND AM SO JEALOUS!!! Have fun and take lots of pictures, please 🙂
  • Middle Daughter: What?!?! I’m jealous too! Lucky you mom!! Hope you enjoy the concert!
  • Son:  What?!

So can I just confess that I gloated a little knowing my kids became envious of something dear old dad and I were getting to experience?  I mean, really.  When does THAT ever happen?

Just call me delighted and tickled pink to receive free tickets to this particular concert.  An a cappella group named Naturally Seven warmed up the show.  Their voices not only blended well, but they literally ‘became’ instruments on stage.  They gave a stellar performance;  I want to keep checking this group’s progression on the music radar screen.  I imagine big things are ahead of them.

Then it was time for the star performer who arrived on stage in a theatrical way. (I won’t spoil it for those who may be going to see his concert).  I love this young man’s style, his smooth singing voice that just melts over you like butter on a warm biscuit, and his renditions of songs, old and new.   What I didn’t realize was what a showman he is.  And oh, he is!

He was entertaining, funny, and so very likeable.  He made mention of all those who held up signs for him to read as he sat down and chatted with us.  He made you feel like you were just lounging in your living room and he had come for a visit with you.  You know, just chillin’ with Michael.

He wished happy birthday to a young child and a teen, up close and personal.  The wide-eyed teen girl exhibited total shock when he ventured down into the audience to talk to her and planted a kiss on her cheek.  That young lady must have swooned home on cloud nine!

The bearded entertainer slid across stage, he bounced, he jumped up and down while he crooned and bopped and bestowed upon us a superb show.  He graciously introduced the members of his band telling us funny and heartwarming little stories about each of them.  And the band was fantastic, just simply amazing!

blogDSCN7716He treated us to old favorites like “Georgia” and “I’ve Got the World on a String,” jazzed it up with “Mack the Knife,” and took us back to the 60’s with “Twist and Shout.”   He mixed old songs sung with his undeniably Bublé-esque style woven in between songs like his own ballad, “I’m Coming Home,” and the whimsical, crowd pleasing “Haven’t Met You Yet.”  Of course, the crowd responded like crazy when he launched into his signature “Crazy Love.”  (Just an aside, the guy behind me shouldn’t have sung along, especially so loudly;  Michael Bublé, he isn’t!!)

Let me also make mention that unlike many performers, Bublé sounds just as amazingly good live as he does on his CDs.   His voice is as melodic and awesome on stage in a gigantic arena surrounded by thousands of his fans as it is in a recording studio.

In between sets, Bublé made us laugh with his funny stories and entertained us with his imitation of Michael Jackson, who he claimed in true confession time that he wanted to be (not be like, he wanted to be him) when he was a kid.   “I was so bummed that I was a white person,” he quipped.

blogDSCN7709Then he surprised everyone by jumping off the stage at the end of the arena, meandering while still singing through the crowd on the floor (surely a nightmare for security guards) and bounding upon a platform in the arena’s center to perform several more songs.

He explained that action by saying he apologized to those in front of the stage who paid good money for their tickets, but “these good people paid good money too” as he pointed to those of us out in the tiered seats and at the other end of the arena.

All too soon, he ended his concert back on stage.  The band stopped, the lights went down and the standing ovation audience roared, clapped and whistled for more.   In a couple minutes, the lights flashed back on and Bublé returned and treated us to an encore.

blogDSCN7707But just like life, all good things must come to an end.  I loved his last performance of the evening for us.

The lights went low, a huge subdued curtain closed to hide the band who stopped playing, and it was just Michael Bublé alone on stage, without a microphone, singing a cappella:

“And when my life is over, remember when we were together

We were alone and I was singing my song for you.”

Thank you, Michael Bublé, for sharing your talent, your passion and your joy for music with us.  As I recall your performance last night on this 11th page in Chapter 6 of my book of Opportunity, you made each one of us feel like you really were just singing your song for us, especially me.