Wordless Wednesday: summer falls into autumn


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I think that possibly maybe I’ve fallen for you

blog064I’m falling for fall.  This happens every year.

As the leaves begin to change colors, I fall in love with autumn all over again.  I reside in an area with four very distinct seasons, and I do treasure the changes in the weather that God sends my way.

Spring, you are very satisfying and stellar.  You sashshay in sometimes with serene quiet ways, sometimes with sensational stormy ways.  After the suspension of color in winter, you are like salvation to my senses.  Sweet smelling spring flowers burst forth in spontaneous fashion from seeds of promise, their secrets unveiled as I savor the scent of them.  You make me scurry outdoors into your splendid sunshine; you cause me to sprightly stride with spry steps.  You send me into sensory overload with the stunning spectrum of colors you provide, and I enjoy you spectacularly.

Summer, at first and early in your season, I like to see you saunter my way.  You’re kind of sassy and you signify thoughts of sand and sea and splashing at the shore to me.   But after a while, your scathing heat and sultry humidity make me swoon, sweat, and sag like a sweltering limp rag doll as I search for sheltering shade.   I feel like I am sacked into a sauna, and your scorching temperatures make me only want sandwiches and salads because I am too sluggish to cook.  I surely do appreciate the sumptuous and succulent sustenance you supply in my garden.  But I’m never very surprised that I’m seriously ready for you to take a sabbatical.

Winter, I willingly welcome you.  Even though you make me watchful of snowstorm warnings and clothe myself in warm wraps, I love it when you whistle in with your whirling and winsome wardrobe of white.  Sometimes you whisper in the wind when you send me a whimsical blanket of willy-nilly snowflakes. Sometimes you wallop me with such force that I waddle, wading through snowdrifts that turn my yard into a wild wilderness. And as I grow weary and wish you were gone, you waver and wobble and wave your goodbyes.

blog070But Fall, I think you are the most fabulous season of all. You must be – you are the only season with two names – Fall and Autumn – because you are awesome.  I’m so fond of you because just as I’m ready to say farewell to summer, you flutter in with felicity.

I will admit that sometimes you can be fickle – you may feature ferocious rainy windstorms or fanciful fair weather.  It doesn’t matter to me because I think you are fantastic.  I love your flamboyance when you paint the trees with flaming colors. I love it when you force me to find and favor flannel and fleece.

It makes me feel fancy free when I see feathery leaves flying and fluttering through the air in a flourish. I am flabbergasted by your festive sights and your fragrant smells. And just when I think I surely can’t fawn over you any more, you give me a feast – Thanksgiving celebration.

Yes, Fall, I’ve definitely fallen for you – there is no maybe or possibly about it.  I’m your biggest fan and I am so fortunate to see you frolic my way.

“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.  He changes times and seasons…” ~ Daniel 2:21

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