Falling into fall

blogIMG_4143Sometimes you just awaken in the morning, see that the fall day promises to be one filled with sunshine and balmy weather, and you just want to rush outdoors and enjoy it while you still can.  Fall days are like that for me.

If you’re a long-time reader of Mama’s Empty Nest, you will know that autumn is my very favorite time of year. Sun-kissed temperate days, cooler crisp nights, a dazzling array of multi-colored leafy wardrobes on trees, happy faced hues of yellow, orange, rust, and crimson mums, an abundance of pumpkins and gourds.  What’s not to love about fall? 

This past Sunday proved to be such a glorious day that Papa and I just couldn’t imagine spending it indoors.  So we played hooky from church and ventured on an excursion to an outdoor festival that I’ve always wanted to attend.

Penn’s Colony,  which has been taking place annually the last two weekends in September for over 30 years, is not just a typical arts and crafts festival.  Instead the festival, which is set up like a colonial village in the midst of a wooded area, provides a little step back in history and that’s right up my hubby’s alley.  Focus is on the French and Indian War era with battle reenactments, artillery skills, and citizen’s drills as well as ‘colonial faire’ entertainment: period music, a bagpipe quartet, and an ‘old-tyme’ circus act including a fire-eater. 

Artisan vendors dressed in colonial garb and booths numbered close to 200.  Art work from fine art to pottery to folk art to glass creations were on display and for sale.  Other booths included woodwork, leatherwork, linens, weavings, jewelry, and period clothing to name just a few.  One craftsman showcased his exquisite handcrafted 18th century furniture reproductions. 

And of course, a myriad of food booths either quenched your thirst or satisfied a growling stomach or gave you jars of goodness to take home.  Penn’s Colony and a magnificent autumn Sunday meshed quite nicely and proved to be a win-win situation for us. My history buff husband enjoyed the glimpse into the past and especially the battle reenactment.  I loved seeing all of the handiwork and snapping photos. 

So since a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m feeling less wordy today, I’ll show you some photos I shot there.

And did I mention it was a flawlessly beautiful autumn day? All in all, it was a perfect falling into fall day.

“I love autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” ~Lee Maynard

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