Opportunity for encouragement

blogWinter Time 052Chapter 1, Page 3 (January 3rd) in my brand new book of Opportunity commenced in my very favorite way – sunshine!  That’s what greeted me when I opened my bedroom blinds this morning.

Those streams of light were God’s way of speaking to me:  “I know things look a little dismal right now for you, but be patient.  I am working.   And until you see the results of my work, enjoy a measure of my other handiwork – sunshine.  I know it lifts your spirit!”

Driving into work this morning, (my first day back after a week off over Christmas) the sunshine was actually blindingly bright and I had to pull down my car visor to shield my eyes. 

But sunshine makes me happy.  And it doesn’t even have to be on my shoulder! (Like John Denver wrote in his song.)  Just feasting my eyes on a bright sunshiny day makes my heart light and my face smile.

Encouragement comes in all forms.  It can be as simple as awakening to sunshine.  It can be a song heard on your car stereo.  It can be a friend sharing a scripture passage with you.   It can be a hug. 

It can be kind words written in an email.  It can be a private message of prayer sent to you on Facebook.  It can be a thoughtful comment left on your blog.  It can be feeling and witnessing God’s peace via the power of prayer.

And on this day, the third installment in my book of opportunity, I was blessed to experience all of those.  Those gifts of reassurance boosted my spirit and inspired me with courage and faith to bravely meet the challenges of life.    And through it all, they reminded me to always listen to the voice of Truth.

May I share a portion of the encouragement I received this day with you?  This Casting Crowns song began playing on my car stereo this morning as I left for work.  I don’t find that a coincidence.  My prayer is that it speaks to you as it did to me.  Husband and oldest daughter, this one’s for you!

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