When the cat has cabin fever too


Please let me in!

(It’s been several years since our sweet calico cat named Callie crossed the “rainbow bridge.” Just the other day I was thinking about her and remembered that I wrote a post back in February 2011 as if I were our kitty.  If you’re a long time reader of Mama’s Empty Nest, you may recall this. If not, I hope this repost amuses you.)

Don’t let them know, but after my humans left for church this morning, I turned on this contraption that Mama always seems to have on her lap now days instead of me.

I better let you know, it’s me typing this…Callie…the calico cat in the empty nest.  I don’t know why Mama keeps telling people she lives in an empty nest.   Excuse me, what am I, chopped liver

Chopped liver….that sounds pretty good actually.  Wait a minute while I scour the kitchen floor and see if they left any crumbs from breakfast lying around.

Drat, she must have swept the floor recently, nothing good to nom on.  Of course, my humans don’t eat chopped liver. 

If they did, I would know because I always instantly smell what they’re cooking or eating and patiently wait beside the kitchen table by the big tall one, the one my fun humans call Dad.  He’s a softie, that one.  He always gives me a few bites of whatever he eats.

The short round one who refers to herself as Mama, she’s a meanie.  Never gives me her food.  But she does provide pretty sweet kitty treats for me from time to time. 

However, she has the audacity to expect me to perform tricks to get a treat.  Can you believe that???  A cat doing tricks…[shakes head]

I usually comply with her shenanigans because those treats are very tasty and she’s such a stickler, she won’t just hand some over to me.  No, she makes me sit, dance, and beg. 

And then she has the nerve to make me get my own tidbits out of the can.  She’s a trip, but I do admit I like it when she pays attention to me.

Oh yeah, that’s been a problem lately.  She’s been ignoring me A LOT!  I don’t understand it.  You would think that since the fun humans moved out and left us all alone that I would be receiving the royal treatment like I deserve.  By the way, I really like those three younger humans, especially the male one; I love licking his tasty ears.

But since they’re gone, wouldn’t you think Mama would just dote on me?  Shouldn’t she be fawning over me instead of this black thing without fur?  I try so hard to see why she’s attracted to this box, but every time I attempt to walk over the typing buttons or see what’s on the screen, she pushes me away.  How rude!


Hey, I see you — let me in!

You know I wouldn’t be so offended if it wasn’t winter and I didn’t have cat cabin fever.  I absolutely hate snow!  I hate it when it’s cold!  I don’t know why Mama gushes over and over again about liking cold weather.  I think she’s nuts.

Cold weather, that’s the problem.  I don’t want to go outside when it’s frigid, snowy or rainy.

Sometimes just because I’m feeling a little antsy having to stay in the house, Mama gets all huffy with me and dumps me outside on the front porch or on the back deck.  How could she do that to me?

So what if I make her get up from whatever she’s doing every five minutes to let me in and out of the garage?  We wouldn’t have this problem if they would keep my litter box inside the house. 

And sometimes I just like to go out there for a change of scenery.  And can I help it if I awaken from my daytime naps and I’m hungry?  I hear her telling Dad that I am a pest!  That really burns me.

She gets mad when I sneak upstairs to sleep on my missing humans’ beds.  Well, I miss them and their beds are comfy.  They always paid more attention to me than she does. 

She gets mad if I follow her around in the kitchen when I can smell darn well that she’s making food.  She gets mad if I think I might want to go outside (you know, just to check if it’s suddenly gotten warmer) and then I decide no way, it’s too cold and I run away to hide when she opens the door to the deck.


C’mon! I hate snow!

She also gets mad when I sit at the front door and sniff to see if I can catch a whiff of something interesting. 

For some reason, she thinks I want to go out in the freezing cold weather so she opens the door and I just sit there looking at her and won’t step outside! 

And then she gets mad all over again and tells me I’m driving her crazy!

Well, she drives me crazy.   Listen, I’m not a noisy kitty.  I’m very gentile and well-mannered so I don’t loudly meow at her.  Can I help it if she’s so engrossed in her black box that she doesn’t hear my soft lady-like “mee-ahhs” when I need something?

When she ignores my pleas for help, I jump up behind her if she’s sitting on a chair or sometimes reach up and tap her with my paw and she actually shoves me away!  Then she gets mad again if I accidentally sink my claw into her leg.  Well, how else can I get her attention?

Personally, I think she wouldn’t be so provoked at me all the time if she would just do what I want her to do,  focus on my needs, play with me when I want to play, pet me when I want petted, and ignore this weird box.  

After all, I can’t wait for spring to come too.  She’s not the only one here that’s experiencing cabin fever!

I can’t wait to go outside and chase some birds.  I can’t wait to take my naps in sunshine on the warm wooden planks of the deck.  I can’t wait to guard the yard from pesky intruders in the evening. 

I can’t wait to leap at flying bugs and roll around in the green grass and eat some of it too.  I’m tired of staying in the house all winter, but it’s much too cold to be outside and I don’t want wet paws.

Instead I am cooped up in this house with one cranky Mama who tells me I’m getting too fat and that I’m annoying sometimes.  If she would just let me sleep where ever I want, eat whenever I want, and stop complaining that I’m making her hot when I’m trying to catch a few zzz’s on her lap, maybe I wouldn’t be so antsy.

She just needs to stop devoting so much time to her “blog” (I don’t really understand what that is anyway, but I know it’s not as pretty as me!) and play with me, stroke my head, and talk to me.  Is that too much to ask?

Uh-oh, I hear the garage door going up.  That means my humans are back.  I’ve got to sign off, but before I go stick my nose out the garage door to see if it’s warmer outside, could you do me a favor?

Tell Mama the cat’s out of the bag.  Tell her you know she’s been ignoring me and you won’t read the stuff she puts in this box any more until she starts paying more attention to me!

Mee-ahh.  [That’s thanks in kitty talk.]

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The longest month

alone branches bridge bright

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Why does January seem so long?

It’s true there are 31 days in this month, but six other months of the year also possess that amount of days: March, May, July, August, November, and December. Yet those months don’t seem to drag on like January does.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m wishing my life away. No, I’m far from that but it just seems, every year about the third week of January, I’m saying to myself, “January isn’t over yet?”

Okay, let’s imagine some reasons why I feel this way:

  • Maybe it’s the big let-down from Christmas. Other years I might grab onto that for a good reason, but this year, we didn’t take down the Christmas fooferall (decorations) on New Year’s Day like we usually do. Nope, those lights and Christmas finery continued to decorate our house a couple weeks into the month. And the Christmas tree was the last to be dismantled. So, I’m not buying that one.
  • Perhaps it’s the winter weather that makes the month seem like it will never end. But this year, January has been unseasonably warm and almost spring-like until just last week when we received some snow (but not much) and colder temperatures. So, no, we can discount that theory.
  • Perchance it’s the inactivity of the month. Fall months are busy with holidays and preparations. What’s so special about January? No major holiday to make special meals or celebrate with loved ones. Not a lot of events on the calendar even. But I have been busy cleaning out drawers, closets, and sorting through items to discard, donate, or relegate to the garage sale pile accumulating in the basement. So, I don’t think it’s that.
  • Maybe it’s a lack of physical movement. Uh, no…see above. Plus I still take my morning walks outside in the brisk air with my long-time friend. Afraid that’s not it either.

Well, I’ve run out of reasons and have negated all the ones above for why I’m so tired of the month of January. So why does January seem to last so very long??

No wait…I think I figured it out. It just took me a moment to gaze outside the window. What’s that bright orb in the sky that’s making me squint like a mole who just came up for a bit of fresh air from his underground tunnel?

Oh, yes! It’s the sun! Sunshine, the aspect that makes me smile, puts a little jig in my step, and causes me to sing “sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy,” doesn’t occur very often in winter, particularly January in my neck of the woods.

Matter of fact, I recently read an internet article which proclaimed that my nearest city has 162 days of the year WITHOUT sunshine. Officially, there’s documentation to prove that for a good portion of wintertime (from November through January) our area is overcast with cloudy skies and very little sun.  

Now I know there are other cities in the United States that don’t have a lot of sunshine either during the winter months – places in Alaska immediately come to my mind as well as Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon (and I can speak from personal experience for that one as we lived there for six years).

But I finally have figured out why January seems like it lasts forrrrrr-evvvvvvv-errrrrrrrr. It’s dreary, its gray, it’s overcast, it’s lacking sunshine, not to mention the days are short because sunrise arrives late and sunset arrives early.

So on those rare days when the sun shows its happy face, it will make my face happy as well. It’s easy to be grateful for a little ray of sunshine even in the middle of a long, dreary January, but I also will choose to be happy and thankful for these 31 long days of January as well, despite the lack of sunshine.

Sometimes you have to just make your own sunshine because happiness comes from within.

“Men always forget that human happiness is a disposition of mind and not a condition of circumstances.” ~ John Locke

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Words for Wednesday: winter won’t last

blogimg_6781The long month of January is finally coming to a close. And as the snow still flies outside my window and temperatures plummet to single digits and below, winter still clutches us in its grasp.

We still have the winter month of February to come and often we get record amounts of snow during those 28 or 29 (if it’s Leap Year) days. And we’ve even been graced with the white stuff throughout March in the past, so…who knows when winter will depart? Not even the groundhog knows for sure.

No doubt spring probably won’t arrive for quite some time yet.

But in the words of our Little One (our oldest grandchild who will soon turn four), “When is it going to be Spring? I miss the grass!”

She likes snow and enjoys playing in it, even begging Papa to let her help shovel the sidewalk, but like the rest of us, she still yearns for sunshine and warmth and color.

“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.” ~ unknown

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Words for Wednesday: January bare branches

blogimg_6997January always seems like such a long month especially since we are usually caught in the throes of blustery winter weather where I live.

Snow, ice, blasts of frigid temperatures, bleak and often dismal skies. That’s usually the norm here every January. And this first month of 2019 proves no different from years past.

I happened upon this poem one day while gleaning for thoughts on our coldest season of the year and it seemed to perfectly accompany a photo I took in the dead of a January winter a couple of years ago.  The poem’s ending also fits well with the ideas of light rolling around in my mind for over a week now.

January Morn

Bare branches of each tree
on this chilly January morn
look so cold so forlorn.
Gray skies dip ever so low
left from yesterday’s dusting of snow.
Yet in the heart of each tree
waiting for each who wait to see
new life as warm sun and breeze will blow,
like magic, unlock springs sap to flow,
buds, new leaves, then blooms will grow.

Like heart and soul in every man
who let their light grow ever dim
a spark still burns low within
longing to burst forth, to shine again.
Like bare branches on a January morn
don’t feel cold, don’t feel forlorn.
Our Heavenly Father like warm spring sun
like gentle warm wind when called upon
will make each light burn bright again. 

By Nelda Hartman

January won’t last forever and neither will winter weather. Soon spring will burst forth in all its glory and winter will be frozen into the past until next year.

What’s January like in the area where you live?

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Tempting fate

“If your advance is going well, you are walking into an ambush.”

I’m not sure where I found that quote but it accurately describes this past week.  If you are a regular follower of Mama’s Empty Nest, you’ll know that I don’t normally post on Fridays.

But here it is, Friday.  And I’m posting.  And while that in itself is not normal, neither has my week been a normal week.  I’ve been absent since last weekend.   And I’ve got a good excuse.

When I was a kid and I was bragging about something, my mother would often say, “Don’t say it!”  She seemed to think if you stated something good or wonderful was happening, you tempted fate to turn it upside down and the exact opposite would occur.

Who knew that our mothers could be so wise?

Just last week, I said to my husband, “Wow! We both made it through this winter without either one of us getting sick or even having a cold.”

Hmmm.   Well, winter isn’t over in my neck of the woods.  It’s snowing as I write this and we’ve had snow on the ground just about every morning this week.

Call it Murphy’s Law or tempting fate or whatever you want to call it.  But winter just ambushed me this week.  In more ways than one.

You know how a picture is worth a thousand words?  Please accept my excuse below for my absence.


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