11 thoughts on “Words for Wednesday: logs in my eye

  1. Thank you for writing about this. I was convicted of my attitude about a month ago and have been working on things, realizing I’ve been swept up in the name calling as well. Not as bad as some, thank God, but swept up nonetheless. I’m exhausted by the name calling, the separtation, the declarations that people are trash if they get the vaccine, if they don’t. Now politicians want them separated into groups at events and church programs, I guess so we can all glare at each other from our perspective sections. I’m just ready for Jesus to come.


  2. True words…. to which I now recognise here in the UK that there is a built up frustration and anger in many after all the lockdown restrictions. That angst just suddenly boils over with many when a difficulty or situation arises… like lighting a blue touch paper. Not nice to see.

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      1. I’ve started and stopped writing many, many blog posts out of fear that “someone” will disagree with whatever I say and rip me apart. It’s gotten so you can’t say anything anywhere without it being challenged. Society has devolved into a place I really don’t enjoy living in much of the time. We’ve lost our way.

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