Words for Wednesday: make your own fun

Summer. Hot temperatures. Little rain. Humidity climbing up the ladder of mugginess.

Add covid-19 restrictions to that. No amusement parks. No summer baseball games. No fun at a playground. No public swimming pools.

No fun outings. No trips to a children’s museum. No trips to the zoo. No carnivals or county fairs. No festivals.

No trips to the library. No cooling off at the movie theater.

No Vacation Bible School at church.

Only drive-through trips to get an ice cream cone which you must eat in the car.

What’s a child to do on a hot, steamy day at Nana and Papa’s house when summer fun is restricted?

Make your own fun by engaging in a water blaster fight with Papa. And hope it helps water the dry, crunchy grass.

She makes us determined to make her childhood enjoyable no matter what!

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.” ~ George R.R. Martin

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  1. We are considering breaking the rules and going to a playground locally. Lots of hand sanitzer and wiping her down but there are only so many times she can run in the sprinkler and chase the dog around the house before all of our heads are going to explode. My dad put a pool in several years ago for my son so we can go there too. What stinks the most is I promised her when we moved we would find friends for her. Then … bam… the virus. Now everyone hides in their houses. Stinks, but she is making the best of her summer too.


      • It does the same to me and I believe it is having a huge toll on the children. It has to. Being told you can’t visit your friends, you can’t go to a playground, people who don’t wear masks in public hate you and other people (when it may be that they just have a medical issue or a personal conviction), don’t hug each other anymore,, don’t have affection. Our world was already separating from each other — cutting back on physical connection and face-to-face interaction, telling people they were doing something “inappropriate” by hugging children, making them feel like pedophiles simply by being caring. I know that you know that this is not all coicidence. This is part of a master plan by the one who has “dominion over the earth” but we know the one who has the real dominion and he’ll have the victory in the end.

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  2. I bought water “balls”, squishy balls, hula hoops, a bocce set, some elastic flyer things, tons of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a kid’s size golf set (and more!) at the dollar store early in the summer (when stores reopened), in anticipation of my granddaughter’s eventual visits. She’s been here for one (4 night) sleepover, with another coming up next week. While we miss trips to the playground (and the farm market for ice cream), we manage to fill our days with all sorts of activities (I let her set the pace, and pick the activities). It reminds me of my childhood, when we would use our imaginations to find things to do and keep ourselves busy on long, hot summer days. Maybe this isn’t so much a new “era” of entertainment possibilities for our little ones, but a reversion to the “days of old”. Enjoy!!!! (My granddaughter doesn’t like water fights, but she will run through the sprinkler with me!)

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    • Sounds like fun at your house for certain! When granddaughter is here, we play all day long. She comes up with all kinds of scenarios – just yesterday we played “detective” (her idea) and she told me we had to look around for clues to something “suspicious.” She gathered up a bag full of “detective tools” for us to use – little memo pads, pencils, magnifying glass, and an assortment of other things, I love listening to her use her imagination.


      • That’s so cool! We do similar things! Last time she was here, we were “super heroes” (with garbage can lids for shields and sticks for swords; we had to wear big floppy hats and towels for capes) in search of “the bad guys” (who were apparently disguised as mosquitoes). Their imaginations are endless at this age, aren’t they? We’re so fortunate to be part of their lives.

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