Blue on blue

I’m thinking blue today. No, I’m not feeling blue, that particular color is just on my mind.

According to several research studies, blue remains the most popular color in several countries of the world because folks claim it as their favorite hue.  I personally like blue as well, although yellow is actually my very favorite color.

The color blue, say those who study such things, promotes feelings of tranquility which is why a room painted blue is supposed to make you feel calm and peaceful.

But blue also is considered a color that denotes strength. In addition, qualities such as dependability, loyalty, confidence, and trust are associated with the color blue. Perhaps that’s why many companies use that color in their logos.

When I think of blue, so many pictures, phrases, and even songs pop into my head.

Phrases like blue plate special, a specially priced meal listed on a diner’s menu. Or a bolt from the blue, totally unexpected bad news.

Or how about blue around the gills? That’s when you’re not feeling so great, ill, or nauseated.

And this one that my own dad used to say when the weather turned hot in the summer, “It’s hotter than blue blazes.”

Pictures of wonderfully marvelous blue aspects flash through my mind. Things like blue ribbons – winning one means you are the very best, the champion. Blueberries that soon should be bursting forth on our bushes – yummy!

Blue jeans. Who doesn’t own those comfy, casual yet durable attire? Blue suede shoes. I’ve never seen any myself, but Elvis Presley sure liked to sing about them.

Beautiful blue eyes. Brilliant blue gems like sapphires and aquamarines. Lovely Blue Willow and Wedgewood, classic blue china.

And then there are the blue blossoms of hydrangeas, forget me nots, cornflowers, periwinkle, morning glories, and blue bells. Seeing them makes me smile and that reminds me of the blue bird of happiness.

Of course, the color blue doesn’t always signify happy feelings. Being blue means you’re down in the dumps, feeling sad or despondent. Often it’s because of lost love and that thought causes song lyrics to ramble through my mind.

“Blue, blue, my world is blue. Blue is my world now I’m without you.” (Love is Blue by Paul Mauriat)

Lyrics from tunes that saturated radio waves of the 1960’s float through my memory banks including: Blue Moon (“Blue moon, you saw me standing alone…“) by The Marcels;  Blue on Blue (“Blue on blue, heartache on heartache…”) by Bobby Vinton; Navy Blue (“Blue, I’m so blue, I’m as blue as blue can be…”  by Diane Renay; and Blue Christmas (“I’ll have a blue Christmas without you…”) by Elvis Presley.    

Songs from the 70’s as well: Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond; Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson; Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstad; Bluer than Blue by Michael Johnson;  and Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle.

Of course, not all songs with the color blue mentioned are sad. I recall another old tune from way back when entitled My Blue Heaven. And then there’s always Crystal Blue Persuasion, a song from the late 60’s, by Tommy James and the Shondells.

Blue is a color that conjures up thoughts of nature as well. Sky, of course. Who doesn’t love blue skies? They not only make the horizon bright; blue skies cheer us up just like the words of that old song, “Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see.”

Famous artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “I never get tired of the blue sky.” Me either.

Likewise, we find that color in nature showing itself in clear, pure water reflecting sunshine. Claude Monet, another well-known artist said, “I will do water – beautiful, blue water.” And he was inspired to do so in many of his paintings.

When Papa and I traveled to Arizona in March, we were treated to several viewings of blue water with blue skies particularly when we took a day trip along the Colorado River from Lake Havasu to Parker Dam on the Arizona-California border.

The abundant sunshine that day certainly succeeded at causing the water to radiate the color blue. My photos from that day proved it.

Blue sky. Blue water. Blue on blue.

Blue might just be the color of joy.

 “If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.” – Eleanora Duse


8 responses

  1. I love so many of those songs with the word “blue” in it. And the photos with all the blue are gorgeous. I definitely love blue skies! Now I’m going to have “Blue Moon” stuck in my mind all day, which isn’t a bad thing 🙂 Thanks for this cheerful post!


  2. All of your blues are beautiful, but I still can’t quite call blue a favorite color. I like the sky and the water, and various blue jewels, but I’d never paint a wall blue, and I don’t wear blue clothing. It’s so mysterious, how these preferences are formed.


    • Blue is not my favorite color either, but I do like it. I have to agree with you that it is mysterious how we come to those conclusions about what we prefer and don’t prefer. I know someone who loves blue so much that just about everything in that home is blue as well as the house that’s painted blue on the outside. A bit of overkill in my book, but to each his own. 😉

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