Winter is for the birds

blogIMG_04943Call me crazy but I actually like winter and I’m missing it this year.

Wintry weather has not been the norm in my neck of the woods. We have had bouts of crisp, cold temperatures and then Ol’ Man Winter seems to move on and warmer temps move in for a few days. Then after another couple of days, winter descends once more.

It’s like a climate see-saw – winter’s up, then it’s down, back and forth, back and forth.

I think this kind of switching back and forth is hard on our physical bodies. Just as your body acclimates to warmer weather and you can wear lighter clothes, it turns cold, you start to shiver, and have to drag out heavier sweaters, jackets, gloves, and hats.

I do wonder if the constant adjusting our bodies must do to accommodate this kind of weather doesn’t lower our natural immunity. And when it’s not cold enough, I also wonder if that’s why those nasty flu viruses thrive. Not cold enough to kill them off.

I’m not a scientist but those aspects just seem like common sense to me.

When the winter season is wacky like this, it’s tough on us mentally as well. One day the sun shines, it feels like spring, and you can enjoy every moment of it. Then when it changes, it’s like winter is dragging you back to the dreary doldrums, saying “I’m not done yet!”.

But as I said before, I’ve always liked the winter season. I enjoy colder temperatures because I am not a fan whatsoever of heat and humidity. Cold weather is invigorating to me; hot weather makes me wilt and lack energy and motivation.

The aspect I truly enjoy about winter though has been in absentia mostly. Snow. I love snow! I love to see it fall gently from the sky, blanketing the earth in a pristine white. I love seeing tree branches and evergreens laden with coats of fluffy snow. I love looking out at the expanse of our yard and seeing it glisten and glimmer like it’s covered in diamonds.

And we haven’t had much snow at all, just a bit here and there. Not once has Papa plowed the driveway, trying out his new tractor and blade.

Because of the lack of snow, the scene outside my window is bleak and colorless. Without snow transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland, my view is of a brown, lifeless yard, black-trunked leafless and barren trees and dead brush. Blah! That sight affects my mental state. It makes me feel blah too.

January is nearing an end – finally! – and we still have some winter months to go. February might bring us some snowfall, who knows? Snow might even appear in March as it sometimes has in the past.

I can hope for a snowfall to brighten my day. Until then, I’ll watch the beautiful birds enjoying their free lunch outside our kitchen window. A little sign hangs on that window that reads: “Winter is for the birds.”

At our house, winter IS for the birds and I imagine they are grateful for their fly-in diner.

In response, I’m thankful for their little bright spots of color in my drab, snow-less world.

“Feed the birds in winter; in return, they will feed your soul with the look of gratitude.” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan





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  1. Your post explains why I keep checking my weather app hoping for a “real” snowfall in the forecast!⛄️Here in NY we’ve had the same snow sprinkles and up/down temps as you. It feels all wrong and the endless stretches of gray days without pretty snow are a bummer. Well-said!❄️

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  2. We’ve had the same kind of winter as you, although we’ve had two big dumps of snow that required the snowblower to be put into service. Two days later (in both cases) the rain washed it all away (rivers and fields here in Southern Ontario are flooded!) I don’t like winter or the cold weather BUT I accept it and wish it would just arrive and get it over with. I worry that we’ll end up with another snowy, cold spring and I’d rather not suffer through that again this year. I also have lots of birds; I put up three feeders this year, found a ‘chili infused’ bird seed that squirrels can’t abide (apparently birds don’t have taste buds, so they’ll eat seed coated in chili; squirrels won’t!) and spend most mornings sipping my tea in front of the window while cardinals, blue jays, juncos, chickadees and mourning doves (and several types of woodpecker) come and go. The colder and snowier it is, the more birds come to the feeders. It’s fun to watch and a good way to while away the cold days.

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      • The year we moved, it snowed both days we came to view the house: April 2 and 3. There was enough snow that we couldn’t really see the yard or walk in the woods; there was a bit of a blizzard going on when we left to drive home. Fortunately, I didn’t take it as a bad omen. Last year we had snow in mid-April. I would love a ‘real’ spring this year.

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  3. I’m not sure you’d enjoy winter in my part of the world. The see-sawing you describe has been “just the way it is” since I first experienced it, many (many!) years ago. In fact, there are days in winter when I change clothes three times during the work day: starting out bundled up, then shedding layers, and sometimes actually going home to change from jeans and sweatshirt to capris and a tee. It’s such a common phenomenon, everyone jokes about it — but I much prefer it to August!


    • I remember days like you describe when we lived in Oklahoma many years ago. The saying was, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait awhile and it will change.” I, like you, definitely would prefer that kind of weather to the sweltering, humid days of August (and we get those here too).

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  4. I am not a fan of the snow but I understand how this time of year seems dull and bland without the white landscape of snow. You are definitely attracting the colorful birds so that helps . Here’s hoping you get the winter you are dreaming of! Just keep it there, okay?


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