Something good to read

blogIMG_7017When I want to relax, I cozy up in the overstuffed chair with a matching ottoman in our family room with a book in my hand. A real book.

Oh, sometimes I fire up my mini iPad instead and open the Kindle app to peruse an eBook, but I much prefer a printed and bound book that enables me to turn paper pages.

I’ve been a reader since….well…since I learned to read way back in first grade. Back then, it was “See Jane. See Jane run. Run, Jane, run!”

No matter how simple, those words on a book’s printed page fascinated me. And words still appeal to me which is why I keep a notebook of words (one full of quotations that inspire or encourage me).

Since I’ve been quite busy and distracted with tasks at home that need completed, I haven’t been engrossed in reading as much as I usually am.

A couple of weeks ago, Papa and I ventured to a local library and I came back with only two books instead of the usual six or eight. And those two books were already read and waiting to be returned when I finally sat down to relax one evening and felt like reading.

With no library book fodder to be found, I scrolled through the eBooks on my Kindle app finding none that enticed me into reading them.

I must admit that I’m very selective in what I do read. A lot of words are published in literal books and eBooks. And I find some of them not worth opening at all.  

To me, a good writer with an excellent command of vocabulary does not need to use foul language, explicit wordage to describe characters or scenes, and expletives in every other paragraph or even at all.

So I find myself closing a book written in such a way and either returning it to the library unread or banishing it from my Kindle collection.

I still adhere to the advice I used to give my children when they were teens – “If you put garbage in your mind, that’s what will come out.”

I don’t need garbage to clutter up my already full brain and frankly, reading that kind of “literature” doesn’t encourage, inspire, or make me feel positive.  The real world is ugly enough without reading about it in a fictional book.

So I sat in my comfy chair, propped my feet up, looked around my family room, and since I had an empty hand that was book less, I thought to myself, “I need something good to read!”

Immediately, I regretted my choice of words.

Because there is something good to read readily available in my house. Every single day. I don’t even have to search for it, scroll through hundreds of titles, or scan the library shelves for it.

Matter of fact, there are several versions of this good-to-read book on our own bookshelves. This book is one of the very few that I’ve read through more than once.

It’s a book full of a little bit of everything – mystery, intrigue, history, poetry, war battles, drama, supernatural events, advice and instructions for life, and even romance, including the greatest love story ever told. Pretty inclusive, wouldn’t you say?

I can easily turn to this book when I want to read something uplifting, something encouraging, and something inspiring.

This book proves to be true, noble, right, and pure. It is full of whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If I were tasked with giving a review of this book I’d categorize it as excellent and definitely praiseworthy.

That something-good-to-read book marks a permanent spot on my desk. It is there for the offering. All I have to do is pick it up and open the cover of this well-worn book. It has long been my favorite book of all.

And each time I read from it, I find something new to discover. Something new to contemplate. A new way of looking at the words written and printed on the thin pages, now lined and marked with special notations of my own.

The words in this good book never grow old, never prove dull, never bore me.

Instead, they sink into my mind, my heart, and my soul.

As they should.

“To what greater inspiration and counsel can we turn than to the imperishable truth to be found in this treasure house, the Bible?” ~ Queen Elizabeth II



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  1. My philosophy exactly!! I started visiting the library not long after I learned to read and usually came home with several books which were read and returned long before they were due. I started out with animal stories, went to fantasy [Wizard of Oz] and then science fiction, and then murder mysteries. But..if the book is too gritty, too explicit in any way I put it aside. I don’t need that kind of garbage in my mind, I have a big enough imagination that I can fill in all the details on my own; thank you! Recently I ran out of reading material and discovered the authors from bygone eras. Good reading without the garbage, although sometimes a little dull. I also have several translations of the Bible and some which are very old [one that belonged to my great grandmother]. My standby Bible is so well used it is falling apart. My sister said I should get a new one. I told her I had a new one, but the one that is falling apart is my special Bible, full of my notes and references. I can find almost anything in it without having to check the concordance! I repaired it and now it has years of life left! Yes…books are my most faithful companions and I have quite a few….another thing my sister who now shares my home finds annoying. Oh well, the books stay!

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    • I also have new Bibles, but like you, I go to my old, worn one because I have written notes in it and have underlined passages that have special meaning to me. A couple of years ago because I was so disenchanted with books being currently published, I started reading (and re-reading) classic literature. I had forgotten how intelligently those authors of old wrote and confess a couple of times I had to look a word up to see what it meant. But to me, that is the kind of literature we should be reading instead of the garbage being published now.

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  2. I grinned at your advice to your teenaged kids. GIGO, or garbage in–garbage out is one of my favorite bits of advice from the computer programmers. I apply it in nearly every aspect of my life . As I learned long ago, there’s no need to take out the trash if you don’t bring it in to start with.

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