Words for Wednesday: Approaching Christmas

FBIMG_0313I. Just. Can’t.

Somewhere between writing 30 thankful posts in November, hosting  Thanksgiving dinner for 15 members of my family, and falling captive to a nasty cold afterwards, I’ve just lost all motivation for not only writing posts for this blog but for preparing for Christmas as well.

Thank goodness for Papa. The other day when we had a warmish day of temperatures, he hauled out the twinkly lights and bedecked our home on the outside. It looks great as he always does a wonderful job of hanging the lights.  But this year, not once did I step outside to give him a helping hand as I was socked in on the couch blowing my nose endlessly.

Middle daughter rummaged through her belongings stashed in our basement and located her Christmas décor and she and Little One decorated the inside of the house. Last night, Papa set up our artificial Christmas evergreen and Daughter and Little One hung their own ornaments on it as I watched.

So most of my Christmas decorations are lying dormant in their plastic storage crates. Christmas cards, which are usually sent their merry way by now,  sit on the dining room table still unaddressed and I haven’t even begun to think about our annual holiday letter I tuck into the cards.

I’m just not feeling it.

My Christmas spirit is waning…no, let’s be honest, it’s non-existent. I can blame it on feeling under the weather. I can blame it on being worn out from helping daughter do some renovating to her new home she hopes to move into soon (we’re talking massive wallpaper stripping, repairing walls, sanding, washing down the walls, and finally painting).

Or I could blame my lack of Christmas spirit on the fact that most of my family will not be here for the holiday this year, so we had a bit of Christmas gift exchanges at Thanksgiving time.  So it almost feels like Christmas is over for me.

Whatever the cause, I feel a bit like I’m possibly turning green, Grinch-like. Or maybe I’m feeling prone to saying bah-humbug to the holidays like old man Scrooge.

But truly, that’s not what’s in my heart. I love Christmas. I love the sights, the smells, the lights, the tree, the special ornaments, the greetings that come in the mail. But most of all, I love that we celebrate the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Maybe I just need to slow down. Take some time to reflect on that. To read the first few chapters of Luke in my guidebook for life, my Bible, and remind myself of that very first Christmas so long ago.

Maybe this year, Christmas just needs to be simple. Simply rejoicing in the gift God gave the world. And filling my heart with that joy.

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” ~ Roy L. Smith

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  1. I’ve had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit the last few years; I don’t know why but it took me forever to dig out a few things to decorate the house with (the rest have stayed in their boxes) and it just seemed such a “chore”. I suspect it had to do with fewer friends visiting now that we live “out in the country” and only seeing my own family on Boxing Day. This year I’m feeling a little more cheerful, as my granddaughter will be spending three days with me next week (and then they’re all coming – she and her parents, and my other son and his wife – on the 22nd for “Christmas at Grammy’s”) so I’ve gotten an earlier-than-usual start on things. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your holidays!

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    • I totally understand. This year, I too feel like it’s a chore and I’ve let my daughter and granddaughter do the decorating. Last year, I had tons of “spirit” but I think that’s because all of my family was going to be here for the holiday. This year, it will be very quiet with just hubby and me. I’m so happy for you that your little one will spend time with you and your family is coming. Merry Christmas! Enjoy every minute with that sweet one. 🙂


  2. I hate to say it, but as my family know, Christmas hype is not my comfort zone….it is not that I don’t like Christmas in fact I rather enjoy it…..just not all the hype that precedes it. I would rather keep it to family and close friends in our own homes over that important Christmas New Year week. (Remember I come from the UK so we don’t have to juggle with Thanksgiving as the precursor to Christmas) I am not a scrooge…..but give me a push and I might be! 🙂

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  3. Simple Christmases are good too. Rest. Be filled with joy from watching your little ones delight at the sights and sounds. Watch for God’s glory to be revealed in new ways. These are my prayers for you this season. With the Babe in your heart you already have Christmas.

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