Wednesday’s Words: sunflower thoughts

There’s something about sunflowers that just makes me smile.

Whether it’s their brilliant yellow petals or the way they tower above other plants as they grow so lofty and strong, sunflowers command my attention when I see them.

They always turn their faces towards the sun and that’s what I strive to do as well. Maybe that’s why they evoke feelings of positivity and happiness in me.

Sunflowers have been my oldest daughter’s favorite flower since she was a young teen-aged girl. And each time I see those perky, cheerful flowers, I think of her and that also brings smiles to my face and happy thoughts to my mind.

The sunflowers that grew in our backyard garden are no more.  They slowly commenced hanging their heads as if they were saddened to see summer depart and their sturdy stalks withered and shriveled. 

But all is not lost because the sunflowers’ season has come to a close, for left behind are their dark centers chock full of plentiful seeds.

Those sunflower seeds make yummy treats for the bird population that frequents our yard. And perhaps, one of those seeds will fall into the fertile garden soil and surprise us with a new sunflower plant next spring.

An optimistic symbol of life – maybe that’s another reason why radiant sunflowers bring me pleasure.

They remind me that seasons come and seasons go. Life changes occur and dark shadows can threaten my joy. But the sun will reappear and its warmth and light will bring sunflowers back into my sight once more.

 “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” ~Helen Keller


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  1. Sunflowers haven’t always been a favorite of mine, but in the past few years, they’ve risen in that rank! I had several volunteers this year, and although the deer love them as much as I do, at least they only ate the leaves, and I was able to enjoy some blooms.

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  2. We had volunteer sunflowers this year from the bird seed dropping from our feeder last year. Gold finches fluttered and ate the seed from the flower heads this season. It was like watching little pieces of sunshine flit around. Did not have any seeds left because the birds enjoyed them so much, but hope some made it into the ground for a surprise next summer.

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    • I don’t know how anyone could gaze at a sunflower and not feel happy. I love the color yellow, so that’s probably another draw to the sunflower and for several years, we lived in the “Sunflower State” – Kansas – which is why I think my daughter fell in love with that flower as well. It makes my heart happy that you enjoyed my post!


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