I need more time!

blogDSCN8533(2)So here’s the thing.

Writing in this Mama’s Empty Nest blog is really important to me. Crafting words into something worthwhile for readers to take time to peruse, maybe mull over, and possibly even experience a moment where their hearts are touched by my writing means so much to me. I love what I do here.

But…it’s the Christmas season and in the words of Dr. Seuss:  “How did it get so late so soon?”

My calendar tells me it’s December 5th…..ALREADY! It’s only 20 days until Christmas!! And this Mama will have a very full nest in just a matter of two weeks!

Yep, all of the chicks and roosters, including the two young peeps, are all coming home to roost for the holiday. And you know what that means?

This Mama has a to-do list about a mile long. This year there’s a real, piney-smelling evergreen tree which just got brought into the house yesterday and so far stands naked waiting for sparkly lights, strings of red beaded garland, and shiny ornaments to bedeck it.

There is Christmas shopping to finish, then there will be a plethora of gifts to wrap.

The Christmas cards need sent on their merry way via our trusty mail carrier, but first they need finalized and walked up to the mail box at the end of our driveway.

The outside decorating is finished – thank goodness and thanks to Papa – but the indoor décor is still sitting in storage bins here and there just waiting to be sprung from its year-long hiding spots.

Christmas cookies must be baked. We can’t leave store-bought cookies for Santa for goodness sake.  Mealtime menus for several days must be decided upon and that means a major grocery store shopping trip and lots of cooking and meal preparations.

Throw in some Christmas parties, church activities, a few festive holiday excursions we want to take Little One on, and a special first birthday party for our other Little Two to be attended, PLUS an assortment of other Christmas activities for the family that Mama (in her crazy thoughts one night when sleep eluded her) decided to plan while we’re all together.

Whew! So while I’m long on things to do, I am short on time to do them in.

Which brings me back to this blog. Usually, I have blog posts written in advance and all lined up for a couple of weeks at a time.

Additionally, I spend a considerable amount of my time thinking over ideas to write about, taking or choosing photos from my picture cache to match my main idea, and also just plain writing and often re-writing again and again.

Then there is editing and proof-reading to present the best blog post I possibly can for you, my dear readers. Okay, you might say I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my blog, and you might be right.

But anyway, I don’t have any new posts written for this month – this season of Christmas.  And doing so takes time. Time I don’t seem to have right now. And again as Dr. Seuss once wrote: How did it get so late so SOON?”!!!!!!!! (Emphasis mine!)

So instead of taking a three-week long hiatus and being totally absent from the blogging world and not connecting with my readers this Christmas season, I’ve decided to do something else. 

Christmas is special to me. It’s a time when our family celebrates the birth of our Savior. And what better time to connect with my readers through my blog than this season of goodwill and cheer?

So, I still will share one of my own photographs on Wordless Wednesday each week in December, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will delve back into the last seven years of writing my blog and share old posts from Decembers past.

Some of my previous posts will be new to more recent readers. Some of you ‘old-timers’ may remember them, but my hope is that as you read them again, something makes you smile.

In the meantime, I must get busy with urgent matters at hand for Christmas, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be spending time on what is truly important – Jesus, the true meaning of the season – and thinking of you, my family, friends, and blog readers.

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” ~ Stephen Covey

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  5. Goodness: just reading your post makes me tired. Thankfully, not expecting company for Christmas. Marshall will be here, but ours will be a very low-key Christmas.
    Hope you get everything on your list done!


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  8. What I need to do and accomplish is small in comparison to your to do list. I will pray that you have the strength and energy of Wonder Woman 😄 I am kidding, but will pray that we all will not be anxious and keep our focus on the giver of peace… and a boost of energy would be much appreciated..

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    • I DO need Wonder Woman’s strength! 😉 There will be 9 (including 2 under the age of 3) in our home for 5-6 days so it will be busy and there will be a lot of cooking. But I am so thankful they can all be here for Christmas this year. Thank you for the prayers. My hope is also that we can all keep our focus on Jesus, the reason for the season.

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  9. I enjoyed your post very much and just became a follower! Will you please answer one question (between all your free time)? Your protection from plagiarism, Copyscape, says it offers a free program as well as a premium program. Where do you find the free version? They did a free scan of my blog and found one plagiarized copy of my work. Thank you, and have a wonderful family time.


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