Wordless Wednesday; rainbow remnant


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  1. Good morning!! I’m not sure what’s going on, but for some reason, when I go to comment on your last post about the deer and mending our broken hearts- which is amazing, and so true; the tea bag is certainly wise- it says your post doesn’t exist. I think something’s wrong with WordPress’s server, because a bunch of links that I’m putting in one of my posts isn’t working. Which brings me to the next reason why I’m commenting: I nominated you for a blogging award!!! 😊 https://robyn1513.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/❤the-liebster-award❤/ Congratulations!!


  2. I pulled over on my way home from looking after my granddaughter a couple of weeks ago to admire (and take some photos of) a perfect rainbow ‘arch’. It had been raining most of the way home and then the sun finally came out and … there it was. It came and went a couple of times as I drove alongside – I decided it was just begging me to stop and photograph it! Beautiful!

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    • I just like taking photos! But I would have missed this one if a friend of mine hadn’t texted me. She lives near me and she saw an end to end rainbow at her house, sent me a photo of it, and by the time I ran outside, all I could see was what I caught in this photo.

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