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  1. Your talking about the turkey flying into the school room reminded me of several years ago (shortly after 9/11) when a turkey flew into a window at work. It made such a loud bang that two of my coworkers ducked down thinking it was a gunshot. The force of the hit was so hard that the window shade fell off. We did not know what it was so I went over to the window and saw the turkey walking calmly in the senior patio area. Later that day some students said it was walking across the football field. We were surprised the animal was alive. When we told some of the teachers that a wild turkey had hit our window, they said are you sure you all didn’t have some “Wild Turkey”. That story was shared more than once, especially around Thanksgiving and always brought laughter.


    • Love that funny story, Lana! One winter we had a turkey fly smack into the back of our house during a snowstorm. It made a large bang also but wasn’t so lucky. Found it dead on the deck after Callie kept staring out the patio door at it.


  2. Ah, but is it turkey (hunting) season? We hadn’t seen any wild turkeys in our ‘neck of the woods’ until the very first day of the spring hunting season – then we saw four in less than 2 hours (all hurrying across the road to avoid the hunters who were probably tracking them). Licensed/allowed hunting (in the spring and fall) is the only negative in our new area (I’d like to offer all the creatures asylum for the duration!)


    • We have wild turkey in our yard all the time. Sometimes, it’s a hen and her little ones, sometimes a lone one. This was the first time I saw a gobbler and a hen together and my photo doesn’t do justice to how big the gobbler was. Turkey season is in early spring and fall here too.


      • My son works in the city but the building he’s in abuts a protected woodland. The turkeys – all shapes and sizes – come right up to the windows and look in (he’s on the lower level); some of them are ENORMOUS! I understand the need for hunting; I just don’t like the ‘end result’.


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