Wordless Wednesday: her nest is full

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  1. We had a pair of cardinals nesting in a bush right outside out kitchen window. They only laid one egg but it was fun to watch it hatch and see the baby grow (so fast!) and take flight (last week). Spring is the best season!


    • So neat that the nest was right outside your kitchen window so you could watch. We have cardinals in our yard often and I love seeing them. The crows, not so much! This nest is in a bush near the edge of our property so we have to make an effort to check it off and on but that scares the mother away. Our granddaughter was so excited when she and our daughter found it. She ran to the house, grabbed my hand, and said, “Come Nana, burr ness!” It took me a minute to decipher what she was telling me.

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      • I have photos of the male cardinal sitting right on top of the bush, looking at me through the kitchen window! I carefully removed the nest and saved it nest to show my granddaughter the next time she’s here. There’s so much for her to learn out here in the ‘wilderness’; I can’t wait until she’s old enough (and in a ‘big girl bed’) to come and stay overnight (or for a whole weekend!)

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  2. In my childhood when many shrubs n trees were around we often see specially in spring birds making nest,laying and hatching eggs. It felt so good to see young babies coming out from these nests. Your pic reminded me all those pleasant memories.


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