Wordless Wednesday: bleeding heart


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  1. Oh, I miss my bleeding hearts! I had six large bushes at our old house, but none here (the former owners liked evergreens – I have every kind of non-flowering shrub known to man, but nothing that blooms!) We’re getting new decks built around the house this summer; when they’re finished, I’m going straight to the garden centre to buy flowering plants and shrubbery.


    • Oh, I agree, you need some flowering plants for color! Evergreens have their place, but we need color for variety. Be sure to let me know what you decide to plant once your decks are done. Sounds like fun! We transplanted some peony bushes (from my parents’ house after they passed and the house was being sold), and planted them along one side of our back yard deck. I’m so glad we did that. They are so fragrant and gorgeous. This bleeding heart is on the very shady side of the deck and it really bloomed nicely this year. I love it!


      • Oooo, I hadn’t thought about peonies. Thanks! I’ll add them to my (growing) list!!! I brought 2 small lilacs with me and bought three more (and a couple of butterfly bushes) at the end of last summer and they all survived the winter but I need a LOT MORE flowering plants (the garden is overwhelming me with its size, but I’m determined to make it mine! When its all done, I’ll take and share pictures on my blog.


      • I love lilacs! Good choices and same with the butterfly bushes. We have one and I never cease to enjoy watching all the butterflies it attracts. Looking forward to your blog post when all is done!


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