Spring sky, winter earth

blogIMG_9499Glorious sun beams brightened the morning, radiating the bluest of skies, and causing the earth to simply shine.  Looking upwards, you would swear it was spring with the sky so azure and pure white fluffy clouds floating above.

But a view of the landscape revealed something entirely different. Winter was having its last hurrah.  

March snows are like that here in my homestead land. Several inches of crystalline snowflakes can fall quickly and blanket the earth in a hurry.  March snows are usually heavy and wet making them cling to trees and bushes like it was their last hope, which I guess it is.

If you stepped outside my door to gaze at the scenery, you might imagine that you had just traveled through the wardrobe into the land of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia.

It’s beautiful. Winter haters bemoan it. “Why can’t it be spring? It’s March, for heaven’s sake! I’m so sick of snow,” they whine. 

But I’m not a winter hater. I love the pristine look of freshly fallen snow, even in March. I enjoy donning my winter coat and boots one more time to step outside, view the beauty of it all, and attempt to capture some of that exquisiteness with my camera.

And on a day like last Friday, it was pure bliss.  It snowed during the night, so I awakened to a pristine snow-covered world. One look outside my window, and I knew I had to venture outside before it disappeared.

The sun shone warmly on my face while a frosty breeze cooled it immediately and blew my hair all around on my hatless head.  I zipped up my jacket, pulled on my gloves, and raised the camera to my eye.

A last taste of winter with a touch of spring greeted me. Blue skies above pierced by sunbeams demonstrated the promise of spring while the earth was covered with a few inches of frosty flakes of snow telling me winter wasn’t quite ready to let go yet.  

I enjoyed the quietness of fresh snow punctuated only by the sound of birds singing in the trees. A blend of seasons. I found it lovely.

I tried to capture it as best I could because soon it will all be gone.  The warmth of heralding spring will melt it just as the last few days of warmer temperatures kept the snow from adhering to the concrete roadways and my front sidewalk.

Spring will have its way and push winter off the calendar to wait until the end of the year to return.  Crystal blue skies will prevail occasionally disrupted by rain clouds when spring storms appear. 

The newly sprouted crocuses, now dusted with snow, will fade and daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths will replace them. The forsythia bush will burst forth in brilliant yellow song-like blooms, the lilac will explode in lavender aroma, and our trees will flaunt their budding branches. Sunny faced dandelions will pop their heads up amidst the greening blades of grass.

A vivid, vibrant change will occur as surely as I produce the words to write this blog post, but not until this new snow storm threat passes this week. And I will be ready to welcome a new season because experiencing all four seasons is what I love about this place where I live – this empty nest in my corner of the world.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~ Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) – first female writer published in American colonies

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25 responses

  1. We have a view very much like yours this morning (with more snow promised throughout the day). My husband is unhappy (he IS the one who has to shovel it) but I love the way it sits, glistening and fresh, on the trees and covers the dull brown leaves below them. I pine for spring to arrive, but I can also appreciate Mother Nature’s reminder that we live in southern Ontario and that winter must have her ‘last hurrah’ before March ends.

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    • It IS beautiful, isn’t it? Especially when you don’t have to shovel it or travel in it but can just sit at the window all comfy and warm and gaze at the view. We’re supposed to get more today and tomorrow too but not the huge amounts that weathermen are predicting east of us.


      • Everything looks so bright! I’m glad I can just sit by the window and sip my tea while I look out at the pristine cleanliness of it all. I’ve convinced my husband that (since we have no where to go and nothing really pressing on the agenda) he let it sit until tomorrow morning (the snowblower doesn’t care if there’s 6 inches on the driveway or 8!)

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      • Oh good! Maybe your hubby will enjoy the view now too. Yes, that’s what I love about a fresh snowfall – the “pristine cleanliness of it all.” Enjoy your tea and the pretty picture outside your windows! 🙂


  2. Soooooo beautiful. We only received a small amount of snow this winter (not so much winter as we have had record breaking high temps this season 80 ° in February!) Have really missed looking out at night to see the diamond-like sparkles as the moon shines down on the fresh snow. Love the crisp air, too. Everything seems so fresh and clean. Having a cold snap this week and supposed to continue into next week – afraid the below freezing temperatures will destroy the blooms that have already popped out. Mother Nature sure sends us some lovely scenery. Cannot even imagine how beautiful Heaven will be.


    • Our winter has actually been pretty mild too. Not much snow and hubby hasn’t had to clear out the driveway with the plow until now, only because the state road trucks plow it shut when they clear our road. We had some high temps in February too – in the mid 70’s and now it’s cold and snowy. But yes, I love the fresh, clean look of a new snowfall! Even in March!


  3. Sometimes the wide variety of weather between states truly amazes me, and this is one of those weeks. Your snow is gorgeous, and spring is springing up here big time. All is God’s handiwork for us to cherish while we can! Enjoy your last hurrah!

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  4. Beautiful picture and post! I wondered if you were getting any of Stella! So many of our flowering trees and shrubs are almost past their prime. No snow for us, just wind and rain.


    • This snow was actually from last Friday. Stella passed us by and struck east of us in the mountains. We only had flurries yesterday, no accumulation; the roads were even clear. And flurries again today, but nothing like the snowstorm they’re showing on the Weather Channel.


  5. A few weeks ago we had ‘spring-like weather’ here in New England, and as much as people enjoyed it, they also thought it just wasn’t right, to feel so warm and happy in late February. Ha! Now it’s blizzard-ing out there as I write. New Englanders are nodding their heads – yup, that’s March for you.
    I’d rather be warm and happy. ;-0


    • Same here in Pennsylvania! We had very spring-like weather. And now it’s cold and the air is full of snow flurries. But nothing like the blizzard you all are having. Storm Stella missed us. Thanks for stopping by my empty nest; I so appreciate comments from readers! Be blessed….and stay warm!!

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