Birthday blessing


Uncle T delighting his niece

He met our daughter on a bus.

He was on his annual short-term mission trip to Honduras with his church.  She was on her first ever trip with her church.

They sat together on a school bus traveling to the next site where they would be the hands and feet of Jesus. And a friendship bloomed. 

After they returned to their separate states, their long-distance friendship kindled over the next couple of years until the sparks of romance became a flame.  

We met this funny, endearing, and godly young man not long after that. And it’s safe to say he not only won over our daughter’s heart but our family’s as well.

What can I write about this wonderful young man? Not nearly enough.

He has a kind heart and compassion for others. He lovingly supports and encourages our daughter in all things. He treats her like she is the most special gift and makes her coffee every morning – even when they are visiting us here in our empty nest. 

He tickles her funny bone and makes her laugh. He comforts her when she cries. He prays with her each day. And he’s willing and excited to travel the world with her, experiencing new adventures along the way.

He treats us – her parents and family – with love and respect and genuine affection. And I know we have his parents to thank for that. They raised a most wonderful son who is the perfect complement to our daughter.

He has stepped up to the plate by being a godly influence and general all around crazy fun uncle to our little grand-daughter who giggles with delight at his antics and cries ‘more, more’ when he chases her around the house.  She loves her Uncle Tay-Tay for his funny faces and the smiles and shrieks of glee he produces in her. (see photo above)

He is my son-in-love.  And today – amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season – is his birthday.

I don’t want it to be forgotten or glossed over because this man is so very special.  I want the world to know he is the best son-in-law any parents of a daughter could ask for. 

Our daughter waited a long time for a strong man of faith to come into her life. God blessed her with this young man as her husband four years ago.  And God blessed us by making him a cherished part of our family.

Happy Birthday, T!

May God continue to guide and direct your path. Thank you for all the ways you lovingly participate in our family in both joyous and difficult times. We love you!

“You may not have been born into our family, but you seem to have been born to be a part of it.” ~ unknown


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  1. You are so lucky to have a wonderful husband for your daughter and this addition to your family – and a Christian man! This is a great tribute, Cindy. I pray that my children are this lucky. Merry Christmas to you Mama!

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    • Aw, Montucky, that is the nicest and most kind compliment and that makes MY heart happy! Thank you! Our family is far, far from being perfect but we do love and care for one another immensely and yes, that is how things are supposed to be. 🙂


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