The street where you live

blogimg_1155-2You might be able to tell by my mindset that I spend a lot of my waking hours with my sweet grandchild.  

Why? Because as I reread the WordPress post from this past summer announcing day two’s theme in the Developing Your Eye photography challenge was ‘street,’ the first thought that crossed my mind was a familiar line –  “What’s the word on the street?”

What street came to my mind? Not my own street because I technically live on a state country road not a city street. Not a street in my hometown either. Or a famous street that I once walked upon like New York City’s Wall Street or Broadway.

No, only one street surfaced to the top of my thought ocean.  A street where the “word on the street” is specific for a particular group of people. A street that only exists on a television set.

Sesame Street that is.

Long ago in a different house in a different part of the country, my three wee ones would sit glued to the television getting an early education in numbers, letters, colors, and all kinds of exciting things in this world by watching Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster.  Puppets interacting with humans on the street. A whimsical place called Sesame Street. They loved it back then.

And now, I feel like I’ve come full circle because our Little One is enthralled with Elmo of Sesame Street fame. When the show comes on our PBS station after her beloved Daniel Tiger, I hear the theme song question I heard so many years ago, “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?”

Often on this show for the preschool crowd, a segment called “Word on the Street” introduces new vocabulary words to young viewers.  Catchy little idea that seems to have ensconced itself into my brain.

So there you have it. Now days, my mind drives down a preschooler’s street.

What’s the word on my street today? Bricks. You don’t see too many streets still paved with bricks any more but I managed to capture this photo of one located in a small picturesque town in the state next door.  Brick paved streets are a throwback to days gone by but I remember them well in my own little hometown.

Just like I remember those days of watching Sesame Street with my children. And now those days of “street” watching have returned once more. Maybe streets paved with bricks will make a comeback too.

So that’s the word on the street from this Nana. When it comes to Sesame Street, I’ll stay on that street as long as Little One lives there.

“People stop and stare
They don’t bother me,
For there’s nowhere else on earth
That I would rather be.
Let the time go by,
I won’t care if I
Can be here on the street where you live.” ~ Alan Jay Lerner (lyrics from My Fair Lady)



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  1. Oh my goodness – our granddaughters are so much alike, its eerie. Elmo is number one for mine, too. She has a huge Elmo ‘doll’ that goes everywhere with her; the first word she says when she wakes up is ‘Elmo’; her favourite books are ones with Elmo in them. The only way her Dad could get her to hold still for her latest visit with the doctor (and a needle!) was by playing an episode of ‘Elmo’s World’ on his phone! Sesame Street was one show I never hesitated to let my kids watch (both the Canadian version, which introduced words, letters, and numbers in English and French, as well as the PBS/American version, which taught them Spanish too), and I’m thrilled that its still on (even if its in a modified format) so that she can learn from it, too. As to other ‘streets’, my husband and I are adjusting to the shift from a busy city neighbourhood with lots of urban streets to walk along before dinner to not-busy-at-all country roads with far fewer options but much nicer views (trees and corn fields mostly). I’m adding ‘the street where I live’ to the list of blog post subjects I need to write about!

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    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the new ‘street where you live!’ Oh, these grandbabies of ours, aren’t they just wonderful?? Our Little One does like Elmo and she adores an Elmo’s ABCs app on the ipad. But her favorite seems to be Daniel Tiger. Do you get that show on your PBS station in Canada? It’s based on characters from the old Mister Rogers Neighborhood show.


      • My son and DIL don’t have cable TV but I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel Tiger is on Netflix (I’ll have to check). So far, she doesn’t seem too interested in TV shows in general – however, she LOVES watching the little movies I make of her during our time together (I try to get at least one 1.5 to 2 minute clip every week so I have a record of how fast she’s growing and changing). She knows exactly where I stash the camera and says “More Me” as she points to it. LOL! She’s fascinated with photos and movies of herself (as am I!) And when I watch those movies, I usually have tears in my eyes – she’s so precious and growing so quickly!

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      • My daughter takes videos on her phone of our cute one too. Such a good idea because they change so quickly and are growing up so fast! Our cutie pie loves looking at photos of herself too. Her uncle & auntie got her the neatest gift for her first birthday – a baby photograph album entitled my family & friends. It is just her size and has plastic sleeves for photo prints. They put pics of themselves and everyone else in our family in it for her. So even though her uncles & aunties live far away, she recognizes them from the photos. So clever!


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