One of these things is not like the other


Opposites.  Things that are altogether different.  Some things are considered polar opposites – diametrically opposed, as far from each other as possible.  In today’s world, it seems folks have polar opposite views in everything from politics to faith issues to climate change.

It’s safe to say our views each day are full of opposites.  And often we find that opposites actually do attract.  You’ve seen it in relationships where two people are so fundamentally dissimilar in all aspects of life that you scratch your head and wonder how in the world they get along well enough to be married.

This week’s photo challenge theme is opposite and I located one of my photos that personified that theme well I think.  One day while Papa and I were traveling down one of those blue highways meandering through the countryside, opposites appeared right through our car windshield. 

An Amish buggy pulled by one single trotting horse in front of us had just been passed by a speeding automobile (and not in a passing zone either). You can’t get more opposite than those two modes of transportation.  One old-fashioned and slow.  One thoroughly modern and capable of speediness.

One portraying the simplicity and humility of its driver, the other a symbol for some folks of pride and vanity.  One simple and uncomplicated way, a horse pulling a carriage, of moving from one place to another and the other powered by complex and complicated means, an engine with computerized parts accelerating an intricately designed vehicle.

Opposites. Just like the people traveling inside those two different means of conveyance. One in an obvious hurry, one not.

And Papa and I fell somewhere in the middle.

Which makes me wonder….what is the opposite of middle?



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