Wordless Wednesday: how does your garden grow?


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5 responses

  1. It looks like yours is coming right along. 😀 The coneflowers appeared this week, overshadowed by the dallies; so I trimmed them (dallies) back to give the coneflowers breathing room and sunshine.


    • Coneflowers are pretty. We used to have some in our perennial garden but we didn’t keep the other plants trimmed back like you did. Hubby is the real gardener at our house and he just didn’t have time back then to keep after it all. But that’s changed and the gardens look better now. I’m just the official weed puller. 😉

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    • Oh come now, Dor, you know me and my black thumb. 😉 The garden at our house is all my hubby’s doing. Left to my plant killing ways, we’d have to eat weeds. And why, I wonder, don’t I kill them like I do plants??


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