Sips to savor

blogIMG_8028Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day.

Those lyrics to a song from the musical Oklahoma waltz through my thoughts as I sit at my computer to write this. So far, the month of June has been glorious weather-wise and I’ve caught myself saying more than once to whomever is listening, “If every summer were like this, I’d enjoy the season a lot more!”

The balmy but sunny, blue skies with fluffy white cloud-filled days and cool sleep-with-the-windows-wide-open nights are just my cup of tea. Last year’s June was awful.  Even though I had much to be thankful for, the month and the entire summer was stressful and kept me wondering what was coming down the pike next. 

But this June -this glorious month of June – has been different. I enjoy sitting outside without heat and humidity. I awaken after a restful night’s sleep and greet the day with peace not worrying about what troubles the day may bring.

This June we celebrated both my birthday and my husband’s, not with any grand fanfare but quietly and simply, just the way we like it.  I enjoyed a couple pieces of birthday cake from one of my favorite bakeries and hubby got his go-to dessert, ice cream in the form of a cake.

A surprise package arrived at my doorstep one day from sweet friends of ours in Australia. Packages or letters in the mail always float my boat not because I desire gifts but because I love the thought that someone thinks about me long enough to care to send me greetings.  And to be honest, I just adore getting mail (but not bills!).

So inside my surprise birthday parcel was a lovely teacup and saucer as you can see in my photo above. Anyone who knows me well knows I drink tea, not coffee, and after water, it is my favorite drink – hot or iced.  The gift and the lovely thought behind it was a gracious gesture but the little saying printed on the teacup –“Savor every sip of life”– truly captured my attention.  

Savor every sip of life.

Because life is meant to be savored.  Moments are meant to be remembered. Every breath we take is meant to matter. Time spent with family and friends is meant to be treasured.

And each new day, especially like those I’ve experienced lately, are like a sweet cube of sugar plunked into my teacup of life.

It’s the reason I can turn my face up to the sunshine, close my eyes, smile, and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude while a cool summer breeze gently wafts through my hair.

And it’s the reason I think to myself, savor every sip of life. 

Since classes are finished for the school year, no more substitute teaching until fall which frees up more precious time for me to savor. 

Time to devote to my grandbaby who is quickly becoming a toddler, learning and growing and giving me joy each day.   Just the other day, she and I passed a good portion of the morning exploring outdoors, blowing soapy bubbles into the air, swaying back and forth on the front porch swing, investigating dandelions on the lawn, rough bark on the trees, and weeds in the flower gardens, and sharing giggles and grins.

Time for Papa and me to visit with my recuperating-from-her-car-accident sister and her hubby playing card games, laughing, singing to oldies songs, and just enjoying each other’s company some evenings or Sunday afternoons.

Time to catch up with my family and their comings and goings like learning about our oldest daughter and son-in-law’s recent mission trip to Honduras, or listening to our middle daughter’s vacation plans, or hearing about son and daughter-in-law’s recent excursion, how their jobs are going, and more importantly, how the baby bump is coming along.  Yes, Papa and I are going to be grandparents again and we are so over the moon happy and excited!

Time to reconnect with dear friends, some near and some far.  Time for two and a half hour luncheons with one of my oldest (we’ve been pals for over 50 years) and dearest friends sharing our hearts and faith together in ways that cement our friendship even more.

Time to meet for breakfast with another busy friend and again share a heart to heart talk, coming away with that uplifting feeling when you’ve enjoyed conversing with and listening to a kind-hearted, like-minded soul.

Time to chat for hours by cell phone with yet another friend on the other side of the country, catch up on each other’s lives, and feel like neither time nor distance has changed our solid friendship.

Time to devote to quiet, earnest prayer for another life-long friend who recently received a serious health diagnosis and time to encourage and support her with love and care.

Can you tell I have been savoring the sips of life? And all of this does my heart glad, makes my soul sing, gives me sunshine on my shoulders. This summer is going to be different than last, I can say that with certainty. Putting the stress and angst of last year behind us, I’m moving forward with hope, and joy, and the remembrance to savor every sip of life, even if some sips turn out a tad bitter.

You know why? Because it will all pass by as it needs to do. I can’t stay frozen in winter with an ice-bound heart. I’m busting out of my dreary place and welcoming the sunshine of summer.  Not just welcoming it, but embracing it, because before I know it, this too shall pass.

“The way to live in the present is to remember that “this too shall pass.”  When you experience joy, remembering that “this too shall pass” helps you savor the here and now.  When you experience pain and sorrow, remembering that “this too shall pass” reminds you that grief, like joy, is only temporary.” ~ Joey Green



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    • Dianna, you are such an encouraging friend, thank you! Circumstances haven’t changed much but hey, that’s life. It’s all in my attitude and summer’s beginning has been so nice this year. I’m taking it! 🙂


  1. Glad your stress level is better. Mine is, too, now that we have moved and our former house is awaiting the closing date sometime next week. Happy our kids had a successful trip and returned safely from Honduras. On the stress level thing, I knew God had my back, but my wanting to over think everything, sure caused more anxiety than it should have. He is in control and will do what is best for His children. Isn’t He wonderful! Hope your summer is relaxing and congrats on the new little one coming into the family. Excited for you all.


    • Having been in your shoes a few times moving and selling houses, I know all too well what your stress level must have been like. Even though we know that God is always in control, we still fall victim to that old anxiety thing. We were happy to hear that your old house sold and things are going well.


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