A year of firsts

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First birthday!

It’s the first day of March, so it seems appropriate to proclaim another kind of first. Actually here at Mama’s Empty Nest, it’s been a year of firsts.

Last month, we celebrated one of those firsts – our grandbaby’s first birthday. I know it sounds trite, but truly it is hard to believe a year has come and gone since that amazing day when Papa and I became grandparents (PaPa and Nana) to our very first grandchild.

And what a year of firsts it has been ever since!

First of all, I never realized how much unconditional love can swell up inside your heart until it feels like it might just explode when you lay eyes on that first grandchild of yours.  Friends who were already grandparents tried to explain it to me but I just didn’t get it…not until I held that little bundle of pure joy in my own arms.

And then there’s the firsts of watching that tiny baby becoming her own person. Every milestone a grandbaby achieves, every first from the first smile to the first step fills your heart with so much love, joy, delight, wonder, the list goes on…it’s pretty indescribable.

And being a special Nana to our little darling has exceeded my wildest expectations. When she reaches for me with her tiny little arms, I melt.

When she gives me that adorable toothy grin, I melt.

When she curls up in my lap to read a book together, I melt.

When she giggles and squeals, I melt.

When her eyes light up with excitement, I melt.

When she learns something new and we clap our hands right along with her to celebrate her achievement, I melt.

When she toddles all over the house with those cute little baby steps, I melt.

Often I just gaze at her in wonder…and I melt.  And sometimes tears come to my eyes when I realize how overwhelmed I am with love for this adorable little human being.

With so many firsts crammed into this first year of baby’s life, her mama just had to celebrate by holding a first birthday party for her. 

Family and friends gathered together for her ‘Winter One-derland’ celebration one Sunday afternoon in February, the month our little snowflake turned one year old.  Her aunties and uncles on her mama’s side traveled from miles away just to celebrate this first birthday with the baby niece (their first) who has captivated their hearts as well.   

And even though it was one frigidly cold winter day, our hearts were made warm watching baby girl dressed in her frilly pink, lavender, pale blue, and white tutu (made by her mama) enjoy her first big party in her honor.  

You might say this Nana’s heart was one big melted puddle. And that wasn’t the first time. 

“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” ~Welsh Proverb

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    • It truly is, Lori. I didn’t realize it until I got to become a Nana myself. What a lovely feeling it is! Thanks for stopping by and commenting – I see you are in Portland so we have more in common than just being grandmothers. We used to live there!


  1. I experienced my first melt-y moment with my first grandbaby just over ten years ago. Now, my youngest (of five grandbabies) turned 1 last summer. Let me tell you…you never stop having melt-y moments. Like you, I’m sure, I can say with no doubt that being a grandmother is the best thing that’s happened to me since my own kids were born.

    Angie @ http://www.thebookandi.com


  2. I had a ‘private’ birthday celebration with her on my regular Thursday visit and then got to share in her super-duper party with family and friends the following Saturday. It was so much fun. But – man, oh, man- the year has gone way too fast!!!!!

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    • She is the apple of our eye in this family! Her party theme was so cute especially on such a cold, blustery day. Snowflakes, snowmen and winter themed food like a ‘chilly’ (chili) bar, veggies dipped in ‘snow,’ snowman shaped cookie dough dip with graham crackers and Teddy Grahams. Fun!


  3. I couldn’t have said any of this better myself. I feel exactly the same way about my precious granddaughter (who, as you know, was born right around the same time as yours). I never thought it was possible to re-experience the kind of overwhelming love I’d felt for my own boys, but I do. I get ‘puddly’ just looking at her picture! Thanks for sharing this perfect day with your readers.

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