A thinker next to The Thinker

blogIMG_0864I’m not much of an artsy person although I do love my photography hobby.  But when it comes to fine art, I’m not very knowledgeable.  And when it comes to any kind of artistic talent, I think I was absent when God handed out those gifts.

With this in mind, a couple of weeks ago I agreed to substitute for the art teacher for three days at the private academy where I lend my aid when they need me.  I hoped the high school students wouldn’t expect me to know anything whatsoever about painting as that was the art form they were all working on. 

As it turned out, they knew what they were doing (thank goodness because the only painting I can do is painting the walls of my house), so I needn’t have worried.

Instructions for the younger set (K-8) were simple and easy and we had a good bit of fun working on their art projects (I can do crafts somewhat and I can color up a storm).

So art…not my strong point. But when this week’s photo challenge theme of “life imitates art” arrived in my email inbox, I knew exactly which photo I would choose to demonstrate this theme.

On one of several visits to Louisville, Kentucky, we took the opportunity to view a copy of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker.  Although the original is on display in Paris, this bronze copy was cast in 1903 and donated to the people of Louisville by the Hillman-Hopkins family in 1949.  The Thinker sits on the University of Louisville campus where we visited him.

Rodin originally named this sculpture The Poet because he created it as just one piece in his larger work, The Gates of Hell, which was based on The Divine Comedy by Dante in the 16th century. (Now this I know because my degree is in English Education.) Rodin’s The Poet represented Dante as he composed his famous epic poetry. 

But over time, the sculpture became known as The Thinker and it is usually recognized as a symbol of philosophy and learning.

Our son (who does possess artistic talent) was with us on this trip and he just couldn’t pass up the chance to pose as the thinker next to the actual Thinker.

Life imitating art.

“The earth without art in it is just eh.” ~ quote on the art room bulletin board

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