Brought to you by the letter H

blogIMG_4522We learned it at an early age.

We can recite it without a hitch because it’s ingrained in our minds with a catchy little jingle.

No, I’m not talking about the Oscar Mayer Weiner song, although now that I’ve mentioned it, I bet it’s playing over and over again in your head (and mine). 

I’m talking about our ABC’s.  The alphabet. A to Z. It’s the topic of this week’s WordPress photo challenge.

The alphabet greets me every morning.  All I have to do is walk into my family room and there it is.  Boldly displayed in bright colors on foam pieces that fit together and form a play mat.  Yep, it’s still there on my family room floor. A, B, C, D….

It’s where baby granddaughter spends time playing with her toys here at Nana’s house. It’s where Papa, Nana, and Mommy crawl around and play with baby too.

Some of us have even been known to lie down on the ABC’s plastered onto the floor, which makes baby think we’re funny.  Actually, we’re just tired from trying to keep up with this busy little bee.

So it would have been a simple choice to showcase a photograph of my family room floor featuring the ABC’s, all 26 letters of the alphabet rolled up in one easy picture. But I decided against that. Too easy.

ABC. It’s easy as 1,2,3.  Those words automatically bring back an old Jackson 5 song.  Now you’re welcome for the second earworm I’ve given you today.

Back to thinking about the alphabet. Where would we be without our ABC’s?

We use alphabet letters in all kinds of things daily.  LOL – that’s just one. And ASAP.  That one requires some action.  Sometimes things in life are A-OK, sometimes TMI. We might even be told to mind our P’s and Q’s.

When Papa served in the military, letters were a big deal as there were tons of acronyms used and I read some everyday when I worked for a government contractor. Some of those ABC’s still rattle around in my brain.  And then there’s the special alphabet the military uses as in Alpha (A), Bravo (B), Charlie (C)…

We’d be lost without our letters.  We couldn’t read, we couldn’t write, we couldn’t understand much of the world around us.

It’s the same way with history. Without knowing history, we’d keep making the same mistakes over and over (perhaps, we still do).

Without history, medical personnel treating us for a health condition may not make the proper diagnosis or treatment choice.

Without history, we wouldn’t know those fascinating facts about our family ancestors.

History is important with a capital H. That’s why I’ve chosen another picture from my photo cache. I bring you the letter H, just one member of the alphabet, courtesy of the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.” ~David McCullough




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