Simply ornate

blogIMG_3559I’m not an ornate person. 

I dress simply; I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, although I love it.  Overly lavish attire is just not my style, so you won’t find a lot of bling on me. 

My house is a simple design, a farmhouse style, plain and modest with white clapboard type siding and dark green shutters yet attractive I think. 

Inside, I strive to make my home warm, inviting, and comfortable.  But ornate it is not. Opulence, you won’t find it here.

And even though I don’t incorporate anything elaborate or over-the-top into my lifestyle, I am captivated by ornate things. They intrigue me, they make fascinating photographs, they give my eyes a treat to behold, but I just don’t want them.

If you guessed that ‘ornate’ is the theme of this week’s photo challenge, you win the prize.  It just won’t be elaborately decorated if it comes from me.

I’ve chosen two photos from my ever-growing cache of pictures to personify this theme. 

The first is the magnificent structure of the Biltmore House and Gardens, an 8,000 acre, 250-room estate completed in 1895 for the Vanderbilts in in Asheville, North Carolina.  

The design is rich in ornamental and elaborate architecture and I could have spent hours just taking photos when Papa and I visited there in the summer of 2014. 

No photographs are allowed inside the enormous mansion but each room we toured fit the description of ornate.  Again, the entire place truly fascinated me and I’d love to visit there again especially during the Christmas season to see the elaborate chateau dolled up in seasonal decorations.

I couldn’t stop at just one picture that embodied the theme ornate.  Since Christmas will be upon us in no time at all, I decided to include a photo I took of an ornate crèche. 

One day last fall, Papa and I toured Heinz History Center, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Among the intriguing exhibits in the five-story museum is a section with items from the various ethnic groups who settled in the Pittsburgh area.  I don’t recall whether this photo of the nativity scene in a replica of a church is of Slovak, Ukrainian, or some other ethnicity, but I found it enchanting enough to capture a photo of it.

blogIMG_4504Ornate or simple? 

What is your preference?  I prefer simple, but I appreciate ornate.  And the photographs that I take are a nice mix of both.

“Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures.” ~ Elliott Erwitt


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