The three Ds

blogIMG_5979So maybe you’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit missing in action these last couple of months.

I’ll blame my absence on being a tad – shall we say – distracted – just dealing with life and its foibles.  But those distractions from my usual routine kept my mind and even emotions occupied and disturbances seemed to just swallow my words up like a vacuum cleaner running amok. 

When it came to blog writing, I struggled while attempting to capture some elusive thoughts and coerce them into coherent sentences.  The result was that my blog posts were reduced to a bare minimum interspersed with a few photographs here and there. 

Truth is a picture really is worth a thousand words at least it appears so for me.  Photos do inspire me and I can only hope the pictures I capture and share ignite a little inspiration in others as well or at least bring a smile to someone’s face.  

Why do photographs sometimes speak so well for me?  I am a visual person. Often times when I’m pondering an idea or a concept I actually get a visual picture in my mind and when I spell a word out loud for someone, I ‘see’ the letters as I speak them. 

So, yes, photos evoke reflective musings and emotions in me and most of the time they even prompt words to swell up inside my heart and head and land on the computer screen in front of me.

But writing has been scant lately. It happens to everyone from time to time.  You just find you have nothing to say.  At least nothing of importance.  Or you just don’t have the energy to write because your brain is too taxed with those distractions.

Commotions.  Upsets.  Disturbances.  They all interfere with my ability to write.  If my mother were to write an excuse for me like she did when I was absent from school, she might have said I had come down with the 3Ds – disordered diversion deficit.  Life seemed disordered which sent me into diversion which ended up causing a writing deficit.  

When unsettling circumstances interfere and slam their way into my thoughts with bewilderment, my writing suffers.  I tend to retreat and find a quiet place when faced with an unexpected occurrence, so that may also explain why I’ve been so ‘absent’ from the blogging world in recent months. 

But I don’t want my readers to think I’ve been sitting around my house all morose and lonely and having myself one big pity party.  Good golly Miss Molly, no, I’ve been too occupied with other activities for that – important things like being there for people who really need me and making some lasting memories in between.  And, oh. the best thing of all, spending significant time marveling over my beautiful first grandchild, which has been a true blessing.

But suddenly, I realize July is about shot and I’m STILL not writing much in this blog.  I’ve retreated for much too long on my writing hiatus and somehow I must carve out time and conjure up some motivation and creativity to situate myself in front of my computer and tap, tap, tap on the keyboard while hoping something worth reading bursts forth from this distracted heart and mind of mine.

Until that happens, I thought I’d play a little catch up and let you glimpse a snippet of the more enjoyable diversions that have kept me occupied.  I will also let my photos do some of the ‘talking’ for me.

Of course, since her birth back in February, my adorable first grandchild has captured my heart and every moment I spend with her is sweeter than the most delectable dessert you can imagine. 


My baby granddaughter’s hand in mine ♥

Then there’s this cat – this crazy rambunctious silvery gray cat named Sasha – who has claimed a temporary home at my house.  She keeps me jumping up and down to scold her for her naughty cat antics which include clawing my family room furniture and snagging my curtains. 

Sasha the sassy

Sasha the sassy

And then she does stunts like this to make me laugh.

Somersaults on the bannister?

Gymnastics on the banister anyone?

Way back in May, our family convened at son and daughter-in-law’s new home in the state next door for Memorial Day weekend.   What a respite it was!  Family together time made my heart sing with joy.  We enjoyed a day of miniature golfing and introduced grandbaby to farm animals, attended a heritage festival where we enjoyed an outside philharmonic orchestra concert that evening complete with sky divers at the end of the performance.  And baby slept through the cannon fire during the finale of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.   And did I mention we stuffed ourselves with delicious food – and ice cream, there must always be ice cream! – and generally made fools of ourselves spoiling the baby in our midst?


The month of June found us celebrating both my and Papa’s birthdays – he turned the big 6-0.  Some of the family were able to venture home to mark Papa’s big day over that weekend.   We celebrated with a visit to the park, a yummy dinner in the city, and….of course…more ice cream. 


And that brings me to July when daughter and granddaughter accompanied Papa and me to the city zoo and aquarium on Independence Day, which turned out to be a fun way to spend a lovely summer holiday. There may or may not have been ice cream….okay, there was… just in a different form (dipping dots).  And Papa, who absolutely hates snakes, actually petted one and Mama’s got the picture to prove it.


So if you’ve been wondering what in the world I’ve been doing, now you know.  Please don’t worry about me;  I’m still here. Despite a few bumps in the road, blips on my radar screen, and fireworks veering off course, I’m steady on my path no matter what distractions come my way.

“No matter what distractions surround you, always remember who you are and stay on your path…that’s where your blessings are.”  ~ Unknown



10 responses

  1. So happy to read about your summer activities. Sounds like you are enjoying your family, and that is the best part of summer. Wishing both you and Hubby a belated Happy Birthday. Will be wishing and waiting for more of your keen insight to life when you have the time and motivation. Enjoy the remainder of the nice weather my friend – it is hurrying by much too fast for me.


    • I’m not a big fan of summer, Pat, so I always look forward to fall. Same this year. Thank you for the birthday wishes. And hopefully, I’ll be back to my old self writing soon. Thanks too for all the encouragement you give to me (and always have over the years). I appreciate it so much!


  2. Well, it sounds as though you have been busy enjoying your summer AND your family. I think at times, blogging just seems more of a chore…. I can definitely identify.


  3. Your thoughts are sweet, your photos are spectacular, and your writing is superb. There you have it – the 3 S’s! Whatever you choose to do, even in deficit mode, you do seriously and to perfection. 🙂


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