Staying afloat


Afloat.  That’s the theme of this week’s WordPress photo challenge.  And I find that these photo challenges so often parallel what’s going on in my life at the time or they light a spark of inspiration for me to gather up the words rambling around in my mind, gather them up like the first fruits of the garden to savor and put to good use for nourishment.

But I’ve been on a writing break and inspiration eludes me for several reasons. I’m not convinced that I’m truly ready to take up the mantle of writing again yet, but this photo challenge did prompt me to peruse some of the photos in my cache where I came upon this one.  

If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you will know that pictures often inspire my words.  I’m very visual.  Photographs speak to me.  The photo I’ve chosen here does that.

This isn’t a recent photo.  It was taken on a river cruise one day last summer on my 60th birthday with some of my family gathered around me.  It was a highlight of the year, a most enjoyable beautiful day.  And I floated along on those warm and loving feelings of that day for longer than the cruise lasted.

I’m still floating but in a different way today. One might say that if you’re afloat, you’re ‘at sea.’  And that’s where I currently am.  I’m at sea.  I’m not writing.  I’m not feeling creative or inspired.  I’m just maintaining…going about my daily business, one foot in front of the other…yes, I am staying afloat.

And my life jacket keeps me bobbing in the water.  My flotation device provides that buoyancy.  Otherwise, I would surely sink.

What keeps me afloat in times like these?  My Savior.  My Jesus.  My Lifeline.  The one who said, “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  ~ John 7:38

I read something once and don’t remember the author but the gist of it was that when there’s a big storm, ships don’t move forward, they just stay afloat so when one is caught in a ‘storm,’ you shouldn’t worry about getting ahead.  Just stay afloat and get through.  That sounds like good advice to me.

So I’ll just stay afloat and wait.  And sooner or later, my writing voice will be heard again.  Will you wait with me?

But I float on the bosom of faith, that bears me along like a river; And the lamp of my soul is alight with love for life, and the world, and the Giver.” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox



8 responses

  1. Will stay with you through thick and thin and pray that you will soon be sailing along with the sun shining down and a warm breeze against your face. The picture is beautiful and shows the wonder of His creation. We are so blessed to have our Lord and all the strength He gives us to keep us afloat. Love you.

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  2. Hello Mama, I too have been afloat for awhile…since the last time I talked with you. Missed you. I was just entering into this “empty nest” season when I found your site and your friendship. I have since became a Grama myself of two sweet little girls and a step grandson! This season change has been a difficult one. A phrase I came across has help, “When waiting for God to open the next door, praise Him in the hallway”, so, I am doing a lot of hallway praising while I wait patiently for
    His direction in this new season of my beautiful life. 😊


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