Off on a break

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Someone keeps shaking the snow globe.

While we are not socked in with huge snowfalls like our neighbors to the north, snow and frigid winter temperatures here in our neck of the woods tend to make us want to go into hibernation mode.

You know it’s been cold when you go outside and think, “Wow, it feels warm out here,” and the thermometer informs you it’s 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yes, 25 and a little sunshine felt like a heat wave.

But I’m not writing to discuss the weather.  It’s winter.  That’s a given.  I live in an area that gets winter weather and really, I’m not complaining about that.  Spring will arrive eventually.

Actually, I’m not complaining about anything.  Since the arrival of our darling first grandchild, Papa and I have been filled with joy and wonder over this new little life.  You might say she’s brought a little spring into our life, spring in our steps, spring in our hearts.

And even though there are an abundance of words floating around my mind that will need written down and published in Mama’s Empty Nest, I’m going on a little break.  I’ll still check in to read my fellow bloggers’ posts, but I will be on hiatus from writing for a while.

Just wanted to let everyone know so no one worries that something is wrong.  On the contrary, everything is right and good including the precious little missy who just woke up from a nap and her amazingly wonderful mother, my beautiful daughter.

“Be kind to all, to like many and love a few, to be needed and wanted by those we love, is certainly the nearest we can come to happiness.” ~ Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots



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    • Ha! No snow globe for you, that’s for sure! Up here some winters just have to be described that way and this is one of them. Surprisingly, our winter was fairly mild until this month and it then descended on us with a vengeance. A friend posted on her FB this morning that is was -27 degrees at her house. Yep, you read that right!! Brrr. But baby snuggles are keeping us warm both on the outside but more importantly, on the inside. 😉


    • What a sweet comment, Margo, thank you! I’ll still be hanging around reading others’ posts from time to time, just no time to write since I’m staying with my daughter & son-in-law to help with that sweet baby. Happy, happy, joy, joy!


      • You are sooooo lucky. I’m the ‘mother of the father’ so am relegated to the position of keeping in touch from afar (my son and daughter-in-law live about an hour away; my son is off work until end of next week, then the ‘other’ grandmother will be staying with her daughter and baby. I ‘get’ that the mother’s mother has priority, but I really, really want to spend more time with my granddaughter). Enjoy your precious bundle (they grow up way too fast!)


      • Oh, I do understand how you feel. I’ll be that way when my son and daughter-in-law have a baby some day. I do feel blessed that both my daughter and son-in-law wanted me to stay with them now to help. He just started a new job last month so he had no time off to stay at home with daughter and baby. His mom lives a little closer (about an hr away while I live farther) but she has several grandchildren already and since this is my first, I’m so very happy I get to spend this time with them. I hope you get more time to snuggle that little one!!


  1. Hmmm, I think I know exactly how you are feeling. I remember those first few days and weeks after my daughter had her first baby, it’s such a special moment in life, it just needs to be soaked in and absorbed, each and every moment of it. Enjoy these days Grandma…they are some of the very BEST!

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    • Yes, that’s exactly it, Becky! Soaking it all in and enjoying the moments, plus I’m at my daughter’s home helping them for a time. So I’m cleaning, laundering, cooking, and all of that good stuff in between rocking and cuddling baby girl …no time to write. And for now, that suits me just fine.

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