Cold shower, warm hearts

blogIMG_4630Baby, it’s cold outside.  That was the theme my oldest daughter chose while honoring her sister – my expecting middle daughter – with a lovely baby shower.

We gleaned Pinterest for weeks before the shower pinning more ideas for decorations, favors, and food than we could possibly manage but in the end, we found some adorable aspects that we incorporated into the event. 

The evening party was held at my house the day after Thanksgiving and we had a bit of snow which certainly added to the wintry theme.  Since baby is a girl, we decided to deck everything out in pink and white.

blogIMG_4599A few days before, my friend Pam helped me craft a cutie patootie snow girl made out of newborn diapers.  We thought she turned out great!  She graced the gift table which sported a background of white and pink tulle with snowflakes and icicles hanging from it with fishing line. 

Oldest daughter and I constructed a garland for the fireplace by stringing cord and attaching baby socks with tiny clothespins.  Then we added Epsom salts to Mason jars to look like snow and inserted white votive candles inside the jars.  Daughter also created a festive Baby, It’s Cold Outside sign on a canvas covered with chalkboard paint to be the focal point on the mantle.

blogIMG_4652Since it was an evening party, we kept our refreshments simple:  chicken dip with crackers (Ritz ones had snowflakes imprinted on them), French vanilla cupcakes with pink icing flavored peppermint and snowflake sprinkles, veggies and dip, white chocolate covered pretzel rods, white cheddar snow ball snacks, meringue cookies, and an assortment of pink and white candies. 

blogIMG_4763We set up a hot chocolate bar with an amazing, rich crock pot recipe.  Toppings included whipped cream, mini marshmallows, cinnamon, mini chocolate, toffee,  and crème de menthe chips,  sea salt caramel and chocolate fudge syrups, crushed peppermint candy, and pink, white, and chocolate sprinkles.  Oldest daughter made cute snowflake stirrers to add to the festivity.  We also served a pretty pink cold punch as well.

We played two short games – trivia questions about pregnancy and babies and guessing the top 10 most popular names for baby girls in the current decade when baby will be born, the 80’s when my daughter was born, and the 50’s when baby’s grandmothers were born. 

Game prizes were usable items for winter (tube of hand lotion, lip balm, packet of hot chocolate, a glass jar candle with holiday scent, and a snowflake ornament) all dressed up in cute gift bags we decorated.

blogIMG_4627Favors were tea lights wrapped in pink tulle circles with ribbon and a tag which read:  

“Burn this tea light on the night, once the stork has made its flight. With a flicker of the flame, please say a prayer with baby’s name.”

Blessed by the generosity of family and friends while opening their presents for baby,  I think this gift of life that will join our family this winter became even more of a reality for my daughter.  But the most moving moment of all was when she opened the last gift. 

My mother, my children’s grandma, loved making handcrafts and quilted, sewed, knitted, and crocheted.  She passed away 15 years ago after a battle with cancer and of course, we miss her still especially during family gatherings.

Before Mom died, she crocheted a few baby afghans for future babies that would join our family.  I tucked my share of them away for such a day.   So I wrapped one of those lovingly made afghans in a box and added a note explaining that Grandma made this before she left us to wrap her future great-grandchild in her love.  

blogIMG_4692 (2)As soon as daughter saw that, she began to cry.  It was a sweet moment even if it was heart-wrenching and I know my daughter treasures this gift from her Grandma in heaven.

It may have been cold outside for this baby shower, but love warmed us all during the party. 

 “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.” ~ Unknown



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    • I know my Mom would have been tickled ‘pink’ to know another great-grandchild would be wrapped in that afghan made with her own hands. We all had a good cry but it truly was special. I also gave daughter the baby afghan her other grandma (also in heaven) made for her when she was a baby. So she went home with two sweet treasures.


  1. I know I was crying at the end and was moved to read such a wonderful story! Your mother did an amazing thing leaving the afghans for future generations…how inspirational! Thank you for writing!

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  2. Yes, I’m a little teary-eyed myself. The shower sounds absolutely perfect: the decorations, the food, the games, the favors….everything! And the gift of the afghan, made with love by your mom, topped off this beautiful post. Thanks for sharing with us!


  3. This was especially heartwarming! You are a very special wife, Mom and Grandma. I know your family appreciates all you do and the extra care given to them. The afghans made by your Mom for future generations is a special legacy she has passed on. Very touching and moving as was stated reading this was “almost” like being there. Thank you Cindy!!

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    • Thanks, Beth Ann! I have to admit it was a little stressful having the shower the day after Thanksgiving but it was the only time my far-flung girls could be home the same weekend before oldest daughter takes off on her trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. The stress was definitely worth it!!

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  4. I’m sniffing and sniffling along with everyone else. Please pass a hankie. What a beautiful story. I love the header and the warmth inside. Oldest daughter and you tended to every meaningful detail. Isn’t Pinterest the greatest for ideas? But only a family can bring it altogether memorably. The centerpiece snowman decked in pink, the treats, snowflakes, hot chocolate bar…thank you for sharing with us.


    • Oh, I’m sorry I made everyone sniffle but I’m blessed that my post touched so many hearts. Believe me, there was lots of sniffling at the shower during the opening of that gift. My detail-oriented (that’s why she’s a good molecular biologist/medical researcher) oldest daughter is such a great party planner. We made a good team in our efforts to bless middle daughter.


  5. What a beautiful party that was Cindy! And you tell the story so sweetly. I felt like crying too about the afghan from Grandma for her great grandchild! Those are the gifts that have real meaning and become family heirlooms.


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