Thanks Giving: sharing blessings

A new home in Honduras

A new home in Honduras

On this Sunday in my 30 days of thanks giving, I’m grateful still for that verse in Scripture, “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”  because it has impacted my life in so many ways.  And I’m also thankful that those words spur me on to do what I can to help others whose circumstances are way worse than my own.

Very soon my daughter and son-in-law will climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.  They have decided to use their 42-mile week-long trek as an opportunity to raise money for a faith-based organization called The Honduras Project which works to help those in need in that country.  

Why Honduras?  Because it holds a special place in their hearts; they take yearly mission trips there and they actually met while working with The Honduras Project six years ago.  They hope to raise $1500, approximately the cost to construct one house for poverty-stricken families in various communities in Honduras, and 100% of the funds will go directly to the project.  

Please watch the video below and think about the aspects of life we have to be thankful for and how we can help others who aren’t so blessed. And then if you feel led to do so, consider giving to the Honduras Project by clicking here.  Or share some of your blessings with someone in need right in your own community.

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” ~W.T. Purkiser 



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  1. It’s hard to imagine how little some people have, and how grateful they are to live in a building we’d use for lawn equipment. How generous of your daughter and SIL to raise money for the people of Honduras–by climbing a mountain, of all things! One of my granddaughters is currently on a mission trip in Guatemala.

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    • Exactly, Patti. I just think we here in the US need an attitude adjustment when it comes to lamenting about what we don’t have. The home that I showed in my blog is considered a nice home for these poor people who live in lean-tos, tin shacks, and sometimes outdoors with no protection at all. I’m sure your granddaughter is seeing much the same in Guatemala. God bless her for her service.

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    • They are our adventuresome two! They had already planned this trip and just lately, they felt called to raise awareness and funds during it for the Honduras Project. They’ve been to Honduras yearly on mission trips for several years now and they actually met there.


  2. This is a wonderful project and the verse you selected is so very true. Georgette prompted me to come over and make sure I read this post so I am so glad she did. Wonderful way to share the love today. Hope they raise a fabulous amount of money!

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