Thanks Giving: when he pumps the gas


We woke up to snow on the ground Monday morning, a little icy residue under the snow engulfing our car, and we had a long trip to make home after spending the weekend visiting our daughter and son-in-law a few states away.

And as I sat in our vehicle, nice and toasty warm with those heated seats, my husband got out into the blustery snowy weather to fill our tank with gas.

It was a day for thankfulness.  Thankfulness for safe trips to visit our loved ones.  Thankfulness for heated car seats when the weather turns arctic.  And thankfulness for hubby when he pumps the gas in all kinds of weather.

“All that we behold is full of blessings.” ~ William Wordsworth



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  1. I miss full service gas stations. There used to be one on the route to my work and it was so nice to have someone else pumping the gas on cold, wintery mornings (especially up here in Ontario!) I found out they ‘converted’ it to self serve shortly after I retired. I’m glad they waited! My husband does all my car-related servicing, and I am very, very thankful for that. Unfortunately, he never drives my car (and is rarely a passenger in it) so I have to do the gas fill up myself. Glad you got home warm and safe.

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    • Oh, I miss those full service gas stations too, Margo! When we lived in Oregon, it was against the law to pump your own gas so all the stations were full service and I got quite spoiled by that. Here, it’s almost all pump it yourself. That’s why I’m glad when hubby is along. 😉 Keep warm while you’re out in the cold up there!


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