Thanks Giving: for bridges

bogIMG_4528Bridges.  I take them for granted.  I assume as I drive down the highways and byways in my neck of the woods, that those bridges which span from one side of the river, or creek, or lake to the other will be there so I can continue my journey.

And around these parts, we have lots of bridges because we have wide rivers to cross and an abundance of creeks as well.  Our fair city nearby alone boasts 446 such spans. 

Without a bridge, I couldn’t drive from my house to my hometown.  Without a bridge, I would not be able to cross the many creeks that zigzag through the countryside.  And without those bridges, I would not be able to visit my grown children.  Papa and I must drive across many bridges before we arrive at any of their homes.

But bridges don’t just provide a means to travel from one place to another.  They  provide a way to build relationships as well.  I’ve often read that we humans sometimes build more walls than bridges, and I, for one, would much rather be known as a bridge builder than a constructor of walls.

So on this 17th day into my 30 days of thanks giving, I’m grateful for bridges of all kinds.

“Love is the bridge between two hearts.” ~ Unknown




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    • Me too. In relationships, too many times we shore up those walls instead of trying to bridge the gap. It’s not easy and sometimes, walls are necessary to set boundaries, but I always think of Jesus being the bridge between us and God. Where would we be without that bridge?

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