Thanks Giving: for the beauty of the earth

It’s Sunday, November 2.  My second day into my 30 days of thanks giving.  And even though the view outside my window is a little bleak and blustery, I give thanks to the One who created this world and all of its splendor.   

He didn’t promise me that every day of my life would prove sunshine-filled with perfect weather.   Sometimes there are storms, sometimes there are dreary times, sometimes the cold chills us to the bone.  But this temporary home we have on earth is filled with magnificent sights He created just for us.  On days like this, I need to remind myself of all the beauty He created and thank Him for it.  

The words to an old hymn come to my mind and I find that any words I may write don’t describe the beauty of the earth as well as the following video.  Enjoy it and give thanks with me for the beauty of the earth.



3 responses

  1. This makes me teary-eyed. It makes me think of another beloved aunt who died back in 1996. This was the hymn we sang at her funeral. Before that time it was such a joyful song of Thanksgiving and a song I remembered from childhood. Now I remember it as the celebration song of a life so well-lived. A post in her memory still has not come. She was such a wonderful person, another influential in my life…I’m waiting for the perfect words.


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