View from the top

blogIMG_0498Does anyone besides me remember the old song, “On Top of Old Smokey?”  “On top of Old Smokey, all covered with snow; I lost my true lover, for courting too slow.”

When I was a kid, we used to sing another song to the same tune – “On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed.”

You may wonder where in the world I’m going with this post, but stay with me. This is how my quirky mind works. One word or a phrase either spoken or seen in print suddenly reminds me of a song lyric. Why? I have no idea. A few years ago, one of my young co-workers could do the same and we often traveled by car together for our job. We kept each other entertained by launching into songs when the other one prompted a word.   Well, it was amusing for us anyway.

Okay, so here’s my point. When I read that the photo challenge for this past week was “on top,” of course, that old song came to my mind. I actually sang it out loud so I could jot down the first stanza. And then the spaghetti song followed. And seriously, what could be better than a plateful of pasta covered with cheese?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s better than pasta and meatballs. This mama is “on top of the world” right now. Not only was the empty nest partially full over Easter, but there is news to be made known. I know what you’re thinking – you imagine there might be a grandchild joining the family soon. No, that’s not it! My mind also made that leap first when our son called us and said, “I have some news to tell you.” Without a moment’s pause, he added, “Mom, no, we’re not having a baby.”

Now that would put me on top of the world, but it’s not time for that yet according to all of our children. No, the big news is that some moves are in the works. Son and daughter-in-law are probably leaving the state next door to us to the east and moving to the state next door to us west, a little bit closer to us than they are now.

And middle daughter and son-in-law, pictured here on top of a rocky hillside near their current home, are heading back to our home state to live in a few weeks.  Their move will enable us to see each other a little more often and even meet in the city for lunch or dinner. And we’re so excited about that.

So, I’m feeling on top of the world about four of our six being just a smidge closer to home. Now if oldest daughter and son-in-law would get the urge to move, that would really put me over the top! A mama can dream, can’t she?

“It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher



12 responses

  1. That is wonderful news!!! So happy that you’ll be able to see your young ones more often. Win-win situation! Have a good weekend. (And yes, I do remember that song – both versions!)


  2. LOL! This is the happiest post I have read in a long time. The kids are coming home! And you must be ecstatic from the sounds of it and from the song they inspired. Mama’s empty nest may be filling up a bit more often now. 🙂 And I am so glad for you.


    • Well, the kids won’t be moving home, but some of them will be a shorter driving distance away. Only one set is moving back to our state; another set is moving to the state west of us although it is just a temporary move and the other set is staying put for now (they are the farthest away). But yes, I’m so happy that they will be a little bit closer! I’ll take what I can get! 😀


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