Spring’s not sprung yet


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    • Our old one fell off the window and broke when it hit the ground this winter, so I purposely picked a cheerful new one! Gotta think spring somehow!! 😉 We had that dusting of snow in my photo yesterday but it’s gone now. Last night was 16 degrees and the record was 14, so we’re still pretty cold here. I keep thinking we all will enjoy spring so much more this year. By the way, it sure is good to have you back in the blogging world.


  1. Well, with a thermometer like that one, you would certainly never know it! 🙂 Hang in there – it will come, and soon you will be enjoying not only the sight, but the smell of those beautiful flowers!


  2. Sooner or later, Becky, sooner or later. That’s what I keep telling myself about spring’s arrival. I fear it might be later though as we had snow – again! – yesterday morning. Yep, I purposely picked that flowery thermometer when our old plain one broke this winter, just so I could look out the window and see something cheerful!


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