I’ll give it a perfect three

Some folks seem to think bad things come in threes.  I often heard my grandparents talking about death that way.  If someone they knew passed away, the old wives’ tale was that two more soon would follow suit.

I don’t believe that terrible things come in threes.  Well, wait a minute…I will acquiesce to the saying “leaves of three, let it be.”  Otherwise, I’d contract an itchy case of poison ivy from that three-leaf plant and that would be bad.  But I prefer to take the optimistic approach and believe that good things come in threes. Why else would the genie, when you rub Aladdin’s lamp, appear and give you three wishes?

 In Latin, the phrase “omne trium perfectum” means exactly that – everything that comes in threes is perfect or every set of three is complete.  And for me, that Latin phrase does hold true.  This week’s photo challenge is “Three,”  and that word prompts me to consider all the truly wonderful things in my life that have come in the perfect combination of three. 

Consider my family as a case in point.  I come from a family of three sisters and we three are especially close.  My husband grew up in a family of three brothers.  Now of course, our families,  just like everyone’s,  aren’t perfect but we did grow up in loving homes.  When the two of us married, we had no idea that our own family would be completed with three children – the delights of our hearts. 

And we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams that all three of our adult children would marry in the same year.  Yep, three weddings in one year!  Those three weddings brought three more people into our lives to love – one daughter-in-law and two sons-in-law who do fit perfectly into our family.  

Consider my faith as another example of threes.  I am a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, and my faith is centered on the Trinity, three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  You can’t get more perfect than that!

Consider my choice of location.  After wandering from one area of our country to another due to my husband’s job demands, we chose to leave that all behind, pack up our belongings, and move from one side of the country to the other back to our home state.   This is where we’ve planted ourselves for the last 16 years.  Is it a coincidence that we chose to move nearby our favorite city, the one with three rivers?  The perfect place for us.

I’m not a genie so I can’t grant three lovely or perfect wishes for my readers, but I can leave you with a quote that may inspire you to embrace three keys for living.

“Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.”  ~ William Arthur Ward

And I’m fulfilling the photo challenge by sharing these three family photos with you.


Three sisters with our mother (I'm the baby on her lap)

Three sisters with our mother (I’m the baby on her lap)

Our three children as youngsters

Our three children as youngsters

Our grown-up children at oldest daughter's wedding

Our grown-up three at oldest daughter’s wedding

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6 responses

  1. What beautiful children you have Cindy! I did not grow up in threes but when our son was born we made a close knit family of three, and now I do have three beautiful grandgirls. Also, one of my favorite bloggers has just published a children’s book (for ages 4-7) which is on Amazon called “Threesday.” The blogger is Melissa at http:writingfordaisies.wordpress.com . I think “3” is a magical number.


    • See, you’re in the ‘threes’ too! I knew you were perfect company! Yes, I ‘know’ Melissa too and have been reading her blog for a long time. What a neat coincidence it was that she published her children’s book Threesday and posted about it on the same day I posted this. Just shows you, good things DO come in threes! 😉


  2. Cindy — your three photos are a perfect example of good things coming in threes. I so enjoyed your thoughtfully crafted post. And the quotes you included. And I agree! Good things do happen in threes. I loved seeing you as a baby with your sisters in the beautiful dresses. You are right — today is a Threesday. 😉 And since you are in the mood for threes, I’m not sure what types of books you read, but I’m working through a series of cozy mysteries right now by Louise Penny. And she sets her mysteries in a quiet Canadian town called Three Pines (hence, the “three”). The first in the series is “Still Life.” Keep these photos coming, they are great to see; your family is beautiful!


    • Melissa, you know what they say, don’t you? Third times a charm! 😉 I’m always up for a new author to read so thank you for the suggestion of the Louise Penny books. How perfect for this Threesday week than reading a book called Three Pines? Love it! Thanks too for the kind words about my photos. I treasure your friendship.


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