Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


Unexpected.  This week’s photo challenge.  I think that’s a perfect term to describe one of my favorite cities.

You see, way back in 1784, here’s what one of our esteemed United States Congressmen had to say about this city (read his comment in the above photo).  Seems like he didn’t expect much from Pittsburgh.  According to his opinion, the place would “never be considerable.”

Well, Mr. Lee, I believe you got it all wrong.  People still have it wrong.  Folks from other parts of the country and even the state of Pennsylvania think they know Pittsburgh.  They seem to have certain expectations about this city that don’t prove favorable.  Many think it’s just an ugly, dirty town.  And are they ever wrong.

I think they need to come visit just once because their expectations might be challenged considerably.  It’s a beautiful place filled with worthwhile sites to see and friendly people.  Click here to see for yourself.  And if you don’t believe me that it’s one photogenic place, visit here to see gorgeous photos of Pittsburgh taken by photographer Matt Robinson.

Unexpected?  Pittsburgh?  You bet.


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